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Last year when Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan first started hinting that he was considering spinning the show off, it seemed too far-fetched to happen. Fast-forward one year later and we now have the first footage for the show.

Better Call Saul is the prequel to some parts of Breaking Bad, as it centers on morally corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman and his rise in the criminally infested underworld of New Mexico. Saul was always the guy with the answers in Breaking Bad. Actually he had an answer for any criminal dilemma that the characters got themselves into. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding which players from the original series would be able to appear in a show that takes place years before the events of Breaking Bad. The timeline lowers the potential of seeing Walter White, who at that time still had a grip on his sanity. However private investigator and fan-favorite Mike Ehrmantraut (Johnathan Banks) has indeed been cast in the show and if you don't believe us. Your proof is right here...

How or why Mike is working as a parking attendant still hasn't been uncovered. However placing him in a role far removed from where we know him in the original series, should allow the writers some freedom to come up with some unpredictable storylines. Clearly being an attendant is just his day job...

Breaking Bad will go down as a one of the best written and acted shows to ever hit the airwaves. However one of the often overlooked elements that made the show stand out was its eclectic choice of score and musical cues. Well it looks like the creators of Better Call Saul understand how critical this was to their previous success and have had a theme song crafted for their new show. If we compare it to the sparse and ominous instrumentation of Breaking Bad's intro, we can assume that this show will be a little more comedic and light-hearted, while still dealing with dark and disturbing sociopaths. Sounds like a show headed for disaster if it was in anyone else's hands. However in Gilligan's hands those ingredients look to be the makings of a hit show. Check out the new music video and theme song for Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul premieres February 8th, 2015.

What do you think of the new show? Do you think it will work? Let us know on the comment boards!

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