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With his epic Series 8 all done and dusted and what a Series it was. Capaldi has signed on for a further 2 Series! Peter Capaldi has his current Companion with him 'Clara Oswald' (Jenna Coleman). Although she was to bow out of the show this Christmas, she has changed her mind and wants to work with Peter Capaldi some more.

Hand on Heart, I like Peter as the Doctor. He replaces David Tennant and is now my favourite!

It turns out Capaldi is liked as the Doctor and is staying longer than the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) who only did one Series in 2005.

Peter Capaldi was the first ever Doctor to encounter a female Master! In the Series 8 finale 'Missy' turnt out to be 'The Master'.

Clara Oswald
Clara Oswald

Technically Peter Capaldi is Doctor Number 2.1 as he is on his new Regeneration Cycle. That is another unique thing about Capaldi.

With Series 9 set to air in 2015, what are we to expect. Well the only thing we know so far is that Clara Oswald is staying for the first half of the Series. She is then supposed to be leaving! The Master/Missy is set to return for Series 9 as well. 'Permission to Squeeeee' I expect the Daleks and Cybermen will be there.

What about Series 10? Well there is no word yet. Will Steven Moffat be there? Will Jenna Coleman still be there? If Clara is no longer with him will there be a new Companion? Find out in probably 2016.

For Series 9 Peter Capaldi wants a new TARDIS Design. But this time he wants it to be RETRO!

BRING ON [Doctor Who](series:200668) SERIES 9 IN 2015!!!!


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