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The new Jurassic World viral site contains details about the park's premier steak restaurant, Winston's. As shown below, you can see someone holding the menu and the website even includes a full-size PDF menu.

I'll take a Brontosaurus steak please!
I'll take a Brontosaurus steak please!

So who is the restaurant named after? ... Stan Winston.

Stanley "Stan" Winston was a legendary special make-up and effects creator who passed away in 2008. One of the last films he worked on was Iron Man.

Over the course of his amazing career he worked on numerous movies with Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Tim Burton, John Carpenter and Jon Favreau. Winston hit the big time way back in 1984 when James Cameron assigned him the hefty task of bringing Arnie's T-800 to life. He did such a good job, Cameron hired him again a few years later to work on Aliens. Winston's incredible work on Aliens afforded him his first Oscar win for 'Best Visual Effects'.

Sadly, 'He won't be back'
Sadly, 'He won't be back'

After bringing cyborgs, aliens and predators to life, he turned his attention to dinosaurs when Spielberg signed him to work on the first Jurassic Park. As part of this ambitious project, Winston built:

Winston's ground-breaking special effects on Jurassic Park saw him win his fourth and final Oscar. He would go on to work on all 3 Jurassic Park movies.

He lived to terrify us all
He lived to terrify us all

At the time of his death, Winston was back to his old tricks again, creating cyborgs for Termination: Salvation. His next project was already locked in... [Jurassic World](movie:32752). Sadly, he didn't live to see Jurassic World even get the green light. Had he lived, the movie could have been his magnum opus.

Would you like to learn from the master himself?

You can! Winston's legacy lives on in the form of the 'Stan Winston School of Character Arts'. The school offers a bunch of online training courses, both on-demand and live, to teach you how to create things that are sure to terrify the masses.


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