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Warning: There is spoilers for Season 5 Episode 8

Season 5 has been a slow moving season due to the separation of the group. You had three groups (But in this episode there was four) to follow and they had their own journeys. The mid-season finale brought all the groups together, especially to mourn the loss of Beth.

Back in Season 4, Hershel died during the mid-season and that really struck home with all the fans. Losing Hershel was losing a part of humanity and the old world. Hershel really focused on living and not surviving. He kept the morals of the old world, encouraged to live a normal life including getting Rick into farming.

Season 4, Episode 8: Too Far Gone
Season 4, Episode 8: Too Far Gone

I think that there is some of Hershel in Beth, especially compared to Maggie. Maggie I would guess is more like her mother, even though we haven't met her mother. Beth wants to live life and isn't just trying to survive. Beth was a branch of Hershel because she had a light to her and was part of keeping the morals and humanity of the old world.

Now that two of the Greene family is gone, we are left with Maggie. I will admit Maggie is my least favorite Greene. Maggie didn't have any worries about Beth, we almost forgot that they were related. Maggie finally remembers poor Beth about 10 minutes before she dies. Too late, Maggie. Now we are left with Maggie and it's disappointing.

Hershel's death really was hard for all TWD fans and it still haunts us through small reminders, like his pocket watch. But Beth's death didn't fully live up to that level. Hershel's death really hit everyone in the group, while Beth's death hit Daryl the most. Everyone in the group is upset to lose Beth but Beth will soon be forgotten since her death wasn't rememberable.

Alternate Ending for Beth

Her death could've been avoided, while Hershel's couldn't. The Governor was a little bit crazy in the head due to the loss of his daughter, so the chances of Hershel surviving would've been a miracle. Beth could've had her exchange of words, said her good byes to Noah and leave with her group. While outside she could've asked Rick to go into Ricktatorship mode and get Noah. This would've made for a better plot but a bad mid-season finale. But the mid-season finale needed a death from one of the group members to have meet the standards of Season 4's mid-season finale.

Things We Will Miss Most About Beth

Firstly, we will of course miss Beth's musical side. We no longer have any one to play piano or guitar or just break out and sing during our lowest points. During the Daryl and Beth episode, Beth sang to Daryl, which basically won his heart.

Secondly, we lose an other part of Hershel. Since Beth is a smaller part of Hershel and carries similar characteristics to him. Now that she is gone, we lose someone that was trying to hold onto the old world and humanity.

Lastly, Beth still had innocence. Beth was the character for innocence and now that she is gone we will be looking for someone to be the innocence in this new world. Even though she tried to be bad in anyway possible, she was still seen as very innocent.

We will miss you, Beth.


How much will you miss Beth?


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