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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead, proceed at your own risk.

Though I know I certainly had a tough time watching [The Walking Dead](series:201193) mid-season finale, there's a certain comfort taken in the fact that the stars of the show we're not just acting upset, but were genuinely moved by the scene, including Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln.

In a post mid-season finale interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Lincoln has revealed how difficult it was to film that final, gut-wrenching scene with the group escorting Beth's body out of Grady Memorial Hospital:

I kept having to turn away from the camera because my eyes were just weeping. Tears were rolling down my face. Watching LC and Steven’s [Maggie and Glenn] performances in that scene, my mind exploded reconstituting that stuff, and then exploded again.

Aw! There's something about brutal, uncompromising Rick Grimes tearing up that makes me feel a little better, especially after he did this earlier in the episode:

But Lincoln's admission of tears wasn't the only snippet of information he gave us. Check out what he had to say about upcoming episodes 9 and 10, as well as the entire second half of Season 5:

...Certainly it’s worth saying that episode 9 is one of the great episodes we’ve ever done. And 10 is the episode I always wanted to make. And then we do something very, very different in the back half, but believe me when I say it comes full circle and I think the back eight is some of the most interesting storytelling we’ve ever done on this show. It’s so exciting to do. It’s been scary, but also it’s been thrilling because it’s so different.

Thrilling, exciting, and different?! Those are all words I definitely want to hear when someone is talking The Walking Dead. Cannot wait!!

Andrew Lincoln also had a hot tip for who to watch in the second half of the Season:

You watch out for Steven Yeun [Glenn] in this back eight. You watch out for this young man. I think he’s a rare talent, amongst other people.

I have no doubt that Lincoln is right, especially because Glenn will probably have an interesting story arc for the remainder of the season given his wife, Maggie, has now lost both her sister and father within weeks (in The Walking Dead timeline the Season 5 mid-season finale probably took place less than a month after the Season 4 mid-season finale), and the group has now acquired Gabriel and Noah, neither of whom are probably very good defenders. Glenn will have to step up, though it appears actor Steven Yeun has taken it all in his stride.

Oh man, I can't wait for the second half of Season 5 to begin, it's going to be a tough wait until February 8th, 2015!


Did Beth's death make you cry?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Reddit

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