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There is fantastic news, and a great opportunity for Disney fans today, with the announcement of an open casting call for the voice of the next and newest Disney princess, Moana.

CNA Casting has announced the official casting call from Disney and are asking for those who may fit the bill to put themselves forward. The best part is that you can submit an application from the comfort of your own home!

CNA Casting breaks down the character description as follows:

MOANA – (female, 14-18) Smart, passionate, and funny. Brave, inquisitive, and confident. A teenager who yearns for something more. Strong singing voice a must.

Sound like you or any one you know? If so, you can find out all the details for the application, and submit it, over here.

There's also a sidekick pot belly pig!

But aside from just being a great opportunity, the casting call also revealed some new information about the movie, including plot and a character! Here's the description of the film from the website:

Moana, a comedy-adventure set 2,000 years ago in Oceania about a spirited teenager who learns that the future of her people is in jeopardy. Along with a lovable pot belly pig and a legendary hero, Moana searches for a mythical island, traversing the open ocean and encountering mystical sea creatures and underworlds on an action-packed quest to save her world and make her ancestors proud.

Firstly, let's cut to the chase and get the cuteness out the way: Moana's sidekick is a pot belly pig! Adorable. Perhaps they'll even model the pig on a breed like the Kunekune, which is a type of pig native to the Oceanic country, New Zealand. Check them out, they're pretty cute:


Moana is searching for a new home

The second huge piece of information is regarding the plot of the whole movie. Until now we knew that Moana and the "legendary hero" Maui (a demi-god in pacific island culture) would be traversing the open ocean, but now we know why - she's searching for a mythical island for her people to settle. This will be a really rich topic for Disney to draw from, especially with the histories of many Pacific island cultures, who have settled on various islands all over the Pacific after navigating their way there using only the stars. I cannot wait to hear more about the synopsis, I have no doubt Disney will have some great material to work with.

With all this talk about Moana, the excitement for the newest Disney princess is really building, and it looks like it will be another smash hit for Disney, though we still have just under two years to wait until it hits the big screen on November 23rd, 2016.

NOTE: Interestingly, the IMDB page for Moana, states that young Australian actress Naomi Sequeira has been cast in the role as Moana, though with no official statement from Disney, for the time being this just seems to be an unconfirmed rumor.


Which Disney princess would you love to be the voice of?

Source: CNA Casting


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