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The Israeli artist, Saint Hoax, has a history of using Disney characters to highlight hard-hitting issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence, but this time he has his sights set on the fur trade.

In a bid to shine a spotlight on the abuses suffered by animals at unscrupulous fur farms, the controversial artist has unceremoniously stripped the likes of Bambi and Simba of their pelts to show us the stark reality of fur garments.

The stark, disturbing images also inform audiences of the despicable practices that have been documented by undercover agents at fur farms such as animals being beaten and skinned alive.

The artist, who declined to reveal his real name, spoke out to The New York Daily News to explain his choice of imagery. He told interviewers that:

First of all, Disney characters are beloved by almost everyone. We grew up watching and loving these characters. Seeing them vulnerable and skinned helps people understand the cruelty of the fur industry. Although these characters are meant to be animals, they tend to remind us of humans because they're given personalities, emotions, background stories and often voices. For that, seeing them bloody and tortured speaks to people that aren't generally sympathetic towards the usual skinned animal photos.

One thing's for sure, they are certainly difficult to look at. See what I mean for yourself in the image gallery below.

Bambi Laid Bare

This almost makes Bambi's late mother seem like the lucky one.


Thumper's Sweater of Suffering

The famously doe eyed rabbit didn't do anything to deserve this.


Underneath Your Fur

Quick, Aladdin! This totally warrants using one of your three wishes.


Puppy Fur Coat

This is what would have happened if Cruella had gotten her way.


Hakuna Matata

I'm not sure this is what Timone had in mind when he was singing about no worries...


The Lion Carved

Simba doesn't look like the king of the pride without his glorious coat.


How do you feel about the fur trade?

(Source: New York Daily News)


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