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Movies and television have always inspired baby naming trends, but now that we have moved on from the tidal wave of Isabellas and Edwards from Twilight's time at the top of the tree, who are parents looking to for inspiration?

While the lovable and well-rounded characters of Frozen fame are obviously topping the tree, some of the other baby naming inspirations might just surprise you.

Let's just say you might come across a few babies who always pay their debts in the upcoming years...



When we wrote about the rise of the name 'Elsa' back in July, the beloved snow queen had helped the once old-fashioned sounding name rise to the 88th most popular name for female babies in America.

Fast forward a few months and Elsa is still very much on the rise. It is now the 75th most popular girls name of 2014, and it's predicted it might clock even higher up the list in 2015.


Elsa isn't the only Frozen character inspiring parents to think outside the box when it comes to baby names.

Olaf was listed on BabyCenter for the first time in 2014, along with reams of data about the popularity of the Scandinavian name meaning 'ancestor.'

Since [Frozen](movie:411685) was released in 2013, 29 babies have been named Olaf which, coincidentally, also got a big boost in 1997 when there was a tropical storm of the same name!


Kristoff has also been added to the BabyCenter database. for the first time this year, thanks to interest in the name due to the wild popularity of Frozen.

Although the name was already on the rise from 2005, it was bestowed on a bumper crop of babies in 2013-2014 with 70 little Kristoffs being born.

To put that into perspective, that's more than the previous five years put together.

The Hunger Games


Since the first Hunger Games commenced in 2012, Katniss' spirited little sister, Primrose, has very much been on the rise.

The unusual floral name has been registered 77 times since The Hunger Games made its cinematic debut.

Since only 30 babies were named Primrose in the ten years between 2002 and 2012, this doubling in popularity has to be more than a coincidence.


Effie was already on the rise before The Hunger Games thanks to the names aspirational status, but the cluelessly glamorous Effie Trinket certainly also seems to be an influence.

107 babies have been named Effie since she appeared onscreen.

Game of Thrones


Although the name Daenerys was invented by George R. R. Martin and has no history as a name in its own right, it was still trickling into baby naming tables before Game of Thrones made its TV debut, thanks to the novels.

I think the chart below illustrates the sharp rise in the usage in the best way:

Since 2011, there have been 163 baby girls named Daenerys, compared to just 25 between the years 2002-2011.


Tyrion is another name that was totally made up for Game of Thrones, but it has now extended its feelers into the real world as part of a baby naming trend.

82 babies have been named after the Lannister 'Halfman' since the series aired, compared to just 12 before Game of Thrones aired.

Orange is the New Black


The name Piper was close to tripling in popularity this year and it's thought that good girl gone bad, Piper Chapman, provided the inspiration.


Would you ever name your child after a movie or TV character?

Source: MTV and Baby Centre


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