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Rocksteady Games has released the second of three Ace Chemical infiltration trailers for the impending Batman: Arkham Knight, and this one is a real tease if ever I've seen one!

Centered around the Batmobile, or as I like to call it the "Pure Armored Justice Machine," the second trailer sees Batman taking on some, seemingly, unmanned tank drones who are doing a pretty poor job of keeping the area bat free.

I honestly don't know if we can actually call the vehicle the "Batmobile" anymore. Seriously, the thing is literally a few steps short of being able to take down ATAT's or Gundam's or something else that's very large and powerful.

There isn't that much information to glean from this trailer, apart from the Battank being ridiculously overpowered and Bat's enemies are really making an effort of attempting to dispose of him. Hopefully the next trailer will reveal some real nuggets of awesome info. Until then, take a look at trailer number two...

Still fairly cool, right? No? You didn't watch it? Right...

Batdown, breakfans!

Never gonna tire. Get it? Here are some choice shots of the Batmobile, simply, being amazing.

Enter Battank

After taking on two katana wielding foes at the end of the trailer, here we find The Dark Knight steadily making his way towards the center of the factory.

I really dig this shot. Obligatory footage of the Batmobile in mid air on a stormy night. Setting the mood and all that...

Evil Villainy!

A few shots of the enemy tank drones in action, with their powerful machine guns and cannons.

Surely they'll be no match for the Battank?

Obviously Not...

Batman takes the tank to the tool shed with a single shot. He's making this look entirely too easy! Well, he is the Bat.

Hero Shot

She's a beauty when she's in attack mode.

As I said earlier, although the trailer doesn't reveal anything new, apart from Arkham Knight and Scarecrow's mercenary army's impressive arsenal, it's good to see more of the Batmobile doing what it does best - kick butt and look great while doing so.

Keep your eyes peeled at Moviepilot for more updates on Batman's last Rocksteady helmed adventure!

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