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If your are a Star Wars fan, or a JJ Abrams fan for that matter, you probably know that Geroge Lucas sold Lucas Film and everything associated to it, (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Skywalker Sound, etc) to Disney. After the purchase, Disney president Bob Iger announced that Lucas Film head Kathleen Kennedy would be producing 3 more Star Wars films, set 30 years after Return Of The Jedi. Director/Writer J.J. Abrams (LOST, Star Trek reboot films, Revolution.) would be directing Star Wars episode 7 and after that Star Wars 7 started production. The film is set to be released in December of this year and episode 8 will be released in 2017; directed by Rian Johnson. Where as casting is complete for episode 7, no casting has been confirmed for episode 8.

Emma Bell in Star Wars Episode 8

One actress who I think should be cast in episode 8 is actress Emma Bell of Dallas (tv show) fame. She has starred in a range of movies and tv shows from Final Destination 5 to The Walking Dead and an underrated Drama/Thriller film called Frozen. She is an amazing actress who can act well and has a strong presence on screen. I, as well as many other fans, think that she should be cast in Star Wars episode 8. No matter what role she’s playing, Emma Bell always delivers. It's hard to think about the thriller Frozen without recalling Parker’s (Emma Bell) heartfelt monologue about her dog, who would surely starve if she didn’t make it back home. In the Walking Dead, one of the most memorable moments was in season one, when Andrea lost her sister Amy (Emma Bell) to a herd of walkers. Bell’s undeniable talent is evident by her strong presence in any feature. Her ability to bring emotion to any scene makes every project she participates in that much more elegant.

Emma Bell can be a valuable cast member in Star Wars 8 if cast and she deserves a shot in a blockbuster movie. I am a avid movie fan and a amateur film critic, if I thought she was a bad actor or didn't deserve a shot in Star Wars, I wouldn't be doing this, trust me.

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Star Wars 8 will be directed and written by Rian Johnson. In order for this campaign to work, we need people to tweet him @rianjohnson and share this article. You can tweet him and use the hashtags: or . If enough people tweet Mr. Johnson, then I’m certain he will notice and consider our campaign. Also, try getting celebrities involved or fan groups with large followings. This will increase our chances of getting recognized.

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Just a reminder that this campaign is approved by Emma Bell herself!

Thank you all and let’s work hard to get Emma cast in Star Wars 8 or any upcoming Star Wars movie for that matter.


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