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Superman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. He is the quintessential superhero. He has had his own comic books, merchandise, television shows, movies, and video games. The quality of each has varied, but there is greatness scattered throughout the different mediums. Except for video games. He has been featured in some quality video games, but he has never had a truly great solo video game. Why is this?

My theory is that he is just too much of a superhero. His only real weakness is kryptonite. He is strong, fast, can fly, has x-ray vision, laser eyes, freeze breath, strong skin, a healing factor, etc. He has just too many super powers for gamers. Gamers want to feel somewhat vulnerable. They want a challenge. They want to experience some difficulty while potentially being able to lose. So here is my idea for a Superman game:

Lex Luthor has finally realized that he can’t beat Superman alone. No one can. He decides he needs to build a team of villains to all attack Superman at the same time. He realizes there is strength in numbers. He recruits seven villains to assist him; Amazo, Bizarro, Brainiac, Doomsday, General Zod, Metallo, and Parasite. Together they form a plan to defeat Superman.

As Superman is flying around Metropolis helping citizens he sees Bizarro destroying a building. Superman engages and a fight ensues. As the fight rages on the rest of the villains ambush Superman. They beat him badly. After Superman is so weakened that he can’t move, Lex Luthor uses a machine that drains each of his powers. Lex Luthor gives each villain a different super power to hold onto and they disperse. He doesn’t kill Superman though, because he wants him to see what it is like to live as a normal human. Now that Superman is out of the way, the villains command evil soldiers of theirs to attack and destroy the city. Even without his powers Superman will not stand by and watch this.

The gameplay would consist of Superman running around an open world beating up the evil soldiers. He would be able to sustain damage and could potentially die. He would gain experience points and money from each soldier he beats up. He would use the money to buy first aid kits, energy drinks to keep him awake and give him endurance to run, and different costumes. There would also be different challenges and mini games scattered throughout the city.

Superman would interrogate the defeated soldiers in order to find out where each of the seven boss villains are hiding. Each villain would have an elaborate puzzle Superman would have to solve in order to get a power back. After he gets a power back he would be able to use it. The power would not be the normal strength Superman is used to though. He would have to defeat the boss villains and more evil soldiers to level up the different powers he re-acquires. After Superman re-acquired all of his powers and levelled them up to normal strength, he would fight a special ninth villain – Darkseid.

The Darkseid battle would be the most difficult of all, because he would have altered some pieces of kryptonite to mess with each one of Superman’s newly acquired powers. In order to defeat Darkseid, Superman would have to figure out which powers he can use and in what order he must use them to damage Darkseid.


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