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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I really enjoyed the last two Splinter Cell games (Conviction & Blackout), their mix of thrilling tactical espionage action and governmental intrigue screams to me. They left me with hopeful feelings that the next gen adventures of Ubisoft's master of the shadows Sam Fisher will be just as immersive and packed to the rafters with gameplay that truly highlights the power of the consoles.

But when will the next incarnation be revealed? I can imagine Ubisoft are waiting for the dust to settle on Assassin's Creed: Unity's numerous shortcomings and the upcoming open world infect-em-up The Division and, of course, the Splinter Cell movie which will be directed by The Bourne Identity's Doug Liman. But come on, Ubisoft, I want to hang from ceilings and drop unaware bad guys with shots from suppressed pistols in 1080p!

I guess I, and you, stealth fan, will have to make do for now with this very well made short film from Atomic Productions. Called The Splinter Cell, the directorial team of brothers Ben and Andrew Adams have created a live-action, nine minute fan-film that does a great job of realizing Fisher on screen.

The short film is set in the past, before Fisher became the figurehead of Third Echelon. His exposition is tastefully delivered via voiceover, during a mission he undertakes in Berlin. So you come to understand the man, the monster, in his natural habitat.

It looks great, like really, really great! This could totally work as an actually good video game web or TV series. Hmm...could it also be better than the actual film...?

Have a look for yourself!

Pretty darn impressive, don't you think? This definitely deserves a-

Stealth Takedown!

Oh, nope! I meant-


That's better. Here's a little run down...

Meanwhile, In The Pentagon...

Special Agent Vernon Wilkes and Special Agent Lambert have gotten their hands on a peculiar asset, one that Wilkes is personally very interested in...

A strange character brought in from Sector 3 - somewhere in Baltimore.

Agent Wilkes eventually joins the mystery man in the interrogation room and begins regaling him with a whole bunch of intel the Pentagon has on him. Wilkes truly believes he has his man...

A ghost, a highly trained and highly volatile ex-navy seal and tactical response agent called Sam Fisher.

Bad Guys!

Look at them, being all bad guy-esque in the shadows of a Berlin warehouse! Dirty no-gooders. Agent Wilkes eventually recruits Fisher to retrieve some top secret intel from these guys. Does he accept? COURSE HE DOES, HE'S SPLINTER CELL!

"We coulda been anything that we wanted to be..."
"We coulda been anything that we wanted to be..."

The bad guys get spooked by a bottle breaking in the distance and decide to split up and check it out. BIG MISTAKE!

Watch out...
Watch out...

A Wild Fisher Approaches

He swiftly disposes of that fiend with a twist of the neck!

Fisher's about!
Fisher's about!

Here he is now doing his Spiderman routine...

Two bogeys cleared...
Two bogeys cleared...

A bad guy, minding his own business...

"Hmm, deodorant. I'm smelling positively villainous today..."

It's not!
It's not!

SURPRISE! It was a flashbang and now you're dead!

That's three...
That's three...

You Got Moves, Kid

Fisher goes toe to toe with one of the bad guys, getting a couple of bruises along the way.

Left foot forward...
Left foot forward...

Guess he wasn't quick enough.

Don't forget to smile!
Don't forget to smile!

I don't want to give too much away (pretty much failed at that), because it's a really cool film! Give it a go and support fan-films and fan-filmmakers! A job well done, I'm looking forward to watching more of this talented duo's films in the future.

Over to you now, Liman. What tricks have you got up your sleeve?

(Source: Atomic Productions)


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