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Now, when the Red Skull didn't turn up in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), a lot of people out there - myself included - were a little disappointed.

After all, Red Skull is undeniably Cap's most iconic villain - and as true a nemesis as any other in Marvel comics. Over the years, he's very much been the Lex Luthor to Cap's Superman, and the idea of his brainchild HYDRA making its way into the 21st century without the Skull being revived - as he is in the comics - still stings a little.

And, then, Hugo Weaving - who played the villain back in Captain America: The First Avenger - gave an interview to IAmRogue where - when asked about the chances of him returning as The Red Skull, he revealed that...

"You never know what might or might not happen"

Which makes it sound as though there's a very much a chance of it happening. Except that he then added:

"But my views have not really changed. I certainly have not had any conversations with anyone about that. No change at all on that landscape. I was talking to you about another Matrix, and I doubt that would happen. But there are always circumstances. Certain circumstances do change, and there is always a good reason to revisit or reinvestigate something. It may not be worth following, but it is always good to keep your options open and your mind open. Having said all of that, I have not really changed my opinion about not wanting to do another Captain America. It was fun to do. It was a very great thing to do in many ways, but I suppose my focus is more likely to be elsewhere, but who knows."

Which, if anyone's counting, is three implications that it could happen, and three implications that it probably won't.

Which...leaves us right back where we were before, I guess?

The only key difference? Since last we heard from Hugo Weaving, Daniel Brühl has been cast in Captain America 3: Civil War, in some sort of mystery villainous role.

Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl

So, that whole "You never know what might or might not happen" thing? That could well be Weaving responding enigmatically to word from Marvel that he might be asked to appear in some smaller capacity, to set up Brühl as a Red Skull-related villain.

Or, even, as a younger version of the same character?

After all - The Red Skull spent most of the modern Marvel comics' continuity manipulating Cap's life, and the US government, from behind the scenes. Who's to say he hasn't been doing that all along in the comics, too...?


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