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So who will be Peter's father? What Marvel Character fits the bill? Well I got to sit down with the writer/director of " [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)," James Gunn, and ask him directly.

Who is Peter Quill's father?

That is the question that has been on every Guardians of the Galaxy fan's minds for the past few months. Speculation has been running wild - it seems like everyone has an alleged inside tip or theory.

Though the question still looms within the film universe, the answers lie within the comics.

Comic History

J'son was prince and the rightful heir to Spartoi. Unfortunately, because of his idealistic ideas, the ruling Council of Ministers prevented him from taking his father's place after his death. J'son had dozens of professions throughout his life including miner, poet, servant, soldier and pilot. Sounds a lot like Star-Lord, doesn't it. To make a really, really, long story short, he eventually crash lands on Earth, where he falls in love with a woman named Meredith Quill. After a short love-affair J'son is forced to leave to continue his fight in an epic war. Later Meredith gives birth to Peter.

Though this is what happened in the comics, it has already been confirmed that this will not be what happens in the film.

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So who do you think will be Star-Lords father?


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