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Aah, Pokemon, the treasured haven of cutesy adventure, legal monster fighting and that old cheery sense of wide eyed amazement. It truly is the perfect backdrop for "gather around the fireplace like a Christmas card family, and gaze wistfully at the the youngest child's 3DS" togetherness. A franchise filled with the promise of good old, wholesome fun.

So what is up with this talk of haunted apartments and ghostly Hex Maniacs whose spirits linger in hotels? Why you trying to spook the kids, Game Freak?! A while back now, I wrote about a creepy-Poke-pasta that detailed Pokemon Red & Blue's terrible Lavender Town theme that drove hundreds of children to their graves. It was all a fabrication, don't worry! T'was a creepypasta after all.

But now it seems, Nintendo and Game Freak are getting in on the action themselves, with some secret and creepy additions to the latest games in their Poke-franchise.

Allow me to pull back the veil and steady yourself, Poke-fan, for we shall now bear witness to the terrifying tale of...

The Pokemon Ghost Girl...

First stumbled upon in 2013's Pokemon X & Y, the presence is said to haunt a particular building in Lumiose City. When inside the building, the screen will flash and dim, the music will cease and then...a strange looking girl, with no walking animation, will float by you...only stopping to offer the sentence "No, you're not the one...", and then disappears before you can get across the room.

(via Mulvone)

What a creep! But it doesn't end there. If you head to Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City and wend your way up to the fourth floor, you will see the exact same creepy woman who implores you not to bother her by saying "Don't talk to me...if you do, I can't hear the elevator."

Rude and creepy, great combination! As it stands, the internet doesn't really know why ghost girl exists in the game, but, naturally, they have come to fall upon some major speculation.

A Message From The Grave?

A hidden message can be found in Lumiose City's train station. It reads "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place." That could explain the creepy, rude lady that's waiting in hotel, (do bare in mind that the Pokemon games recycle NPC sprites) who is all creepy and rude. But what about ghost girl?

The Chosen One

Some people say that ghost girl is waiting for a specific trainer with a specific 'Trainer ID' to bestow upon them a super rare Pokemon! That'd be nice, wouldn't it? A creepy ghost with a cold heart of gold. Or could she be passing on a vengeful ghost Pokemon in a similar vein to Ringu?

Sadamon, she's WELL ghastly.
Sadamon, she's WELL ghastly.

Ghost girl even stops off to make an appearance in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (ORAS)!, ironically, in a graveyard in Mt. Pyre! What the hell, Nintendo?! Let her sleep! I'm joking, I love it!

A Haunted House...

In ORAS, another peculiar and creepy oddity resides within Mauville Hills.

Crib in the hills
Crib in the hills

An apartment building exists with apartments both filled and vacant. When a populated apartment is rung on the intercom and no answer is received, a "there is no reply" message will pop up on the screen. When someone is home, they'll reply. Pretty straightforward!

But in one apartment, something mysterious dwells...


(via Kotaku)

When you ring up to this vacant spot, a pause is held on the intercom. Someone must be home. A very reclusive person perhaps? Or could it be a spectre lingering on in our mortal realm?

I mean, when you read the nameplate outside it reads the message seen above, which is totally different to the standard "this unit is vacant."

(via Kotaku)

What could have happened in there to warrant the "great deal on the lease"? According to Reddit, there's an NPC wandering the streets of Mauville Hills that speculates the goings on into the freaky apartment, but, unfortunately, no-one else has been able to back up that theory...

Oh Pokemon, you really are the non-intentionally creepiest monster collecting game available, aren't you? It isn't really, but these theories are pretty darn cool!

(Source: Kotaku, Reddit, GameFAQs, Neoseeker)


Which was your favorite theory?


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