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So it's pretty safe to say that most of you have seen the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer by now. Well, at least I would hope you have. Most of us are just in pure shock that we are watching a trailer for an actual Star Wars movie that comes out next year! I mean, this is literally history in the making people! Aside from the fact that Episode 7 is being released, there is one question that is haunting every fan's mind. WHO IS THIS NEW SITH CHARACTER!?!?!?

(warning: spoilers follow!)

Master or Apprentice?

Remember that famous line uttered by Master Yoda at the end of Episode I? "Always two, there are. A master and an apprentice." Star Wars fans are familiar with Darth Bane's "Rule of Two" code for the Sith Order. It clearly states that there is only to be one Sith Master and a Sith Apprentice. So, who did we see in the Episode VII trailer? Was it the Master, or was it the Apprentice? Many of you are thinking that we'll have to wait and see. NOT SO FAST STAR WARS FANS!!!

The Force Awakens Villain Revealed!!!

I'm going to propose my argument as a hypothesis on who the villain for Episode VII is. I bet some of you are confused on what a hypothesis is. Basically, it is a proposed theory based on observed factual evidence. So, without further a due, I present you with my Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Villain Hypothesis!

The Hypothesis

Part One: The Evidence

Now, the biggest piece of evidence I will be using to support my argument is the teaser trailer itself. It is the most important because the trailer is the only certified authentic material released by Disney and Lucasfilm in regards to Episode 7. If you haven't seen the trailer, for whatever stupid reason, you can watch it right here!

If you pause the trailer around the 0:55 second mark, then you will get a first look at the new villain for The Force Awakens. Looks pretty awesome right? I don't care what you think of the new lightsaber, I love it. Regardless, we see the new villain for the first time. Take a closer look at the photo below.

Aaahhhhh, so mysterious and .... dark!
Aaahhhhh, so mysterious and .... dark!

I know it's hard to see the picture and make out a clear figure. However, we can notice the villain is wearing some type of robe styled clothing. It also looks kind of weathered and torn. As you watch the trailer, take notice of the right side of the villain. You can see torn parts of his robe flapping in the wind. So this guy, whoever he is, has seen his fair share of wear and tare throughout his past. So we have already established that the villain is most likely sporting some kind of ripped robe of sorts. However, I want you to focus on the costume itself. Not the fact that it looks like an old robe. Focus on what the above image resembles. Now, on to our next bit of evidence.

The Dialogue

At the beginning of the trailer we hear a low raspy voice saying, "There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?" The title of the movie is Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. So it has to be implied and understood that, for some time now, the Force has been dormant.

I mean, c'mon, it's in the freaking title!
I mean, c'mon, it's in the freaking title!

The trailer further goes on to say, "The dark side... and the light." It's when the words "The Dark Side" are said that the villain emerges from the shadows on a mysterious snow-covered forest world. So not only have the Jedi been nonexistent for some time, but the Sith have also been out of the picture as well. Every Sith we've ever known has died on screen in past movies. So this villain is not one we've seen portrayed in cinema before. So who could it be? The title of the movie suggests that something will happen to stir up both the light side and the dark side. From rumor, we can speculate that Luke Skywalker has been in seclusion and will somehow be alerted to the growing dark side, thus prompting Luke to "wake up" to fight the evil once again. But what about the dark side? Something has to be woken up from the dark side as well! Perhaps this villain is an ancient Sith Lord that has been woken up after hundreds of years of hibernation of some sort.

The Lightsaber

Like I previously stated, every Sith we've ever known to have existed in the movie's history is dead! It's obvious, because of the lightsaber, that this new villain is not one we've already seen. So, who the crap is it? Well, let's look at that lightsaber just one more time.

I know, crappy quality.
I know, crappy quality.

Now, I know the above picture isn't the best quality, but it's the best I could do. However, we do get a better look at the hilt of the lightsaber. While specific details appear fuzzy, we can still make out the overall shape of the saber. Lets focus on the hilt itself and disregard the cross guard emitters. It looks pretty basic actually. Based on this picture, it appears that the top and bottom of the lightsaber seem slightly larger than the body of the hilt. As previously stated, we can't see specifics, but we can make out the overall shape of the hilt. Now, looking at this hilt reminds me instantly of another lightsaber from Star Wars. If you're reading this article and you've read Expanded Universe books, you may know what I'm talking about. Here is a close up of a lightsaber from a character on the cover of an Expanded Universe novel.

Amazing! It's similar to the new one! Huh......
Amazing! It's similar to the new one! Huh......

Any of the Expanded Universe readers may recognize this small screenshot of a cover. I left the rest out purposely to focus on the lightsaber alone and because it would ruin the surprise to early. Looking back and forth at the two lightsaber, they don't look exactly the same, but they share similar qualities. Like the hilt from the trailer, this saber appears to have a slightly larger bulkier top and bottom in comparison to the rest of the body. Now, obviously this lightsaber does not have the cross guard attached. I'll explain that in just a little bit.


We've looked at the title of the movie and various scenes from the trailer as sources of evidence. From our investigation, we've concluded that the new villain is most likely an ancient Sith. But who could it be? Did you pay close attention to the new villain's costume? I hope so because that, like everything else I've discussed, is key as to who our new villain is. From the evidence I've put together from the trailer combined with pre-existing knowledge I believe that the villain for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is.........................................................


I mean, you actually believe that's not Revan?!
I mean, you actually believe that's not Revan?!

What?! Why in the world would Revan be our villain? How could that be possible? What in the blazes are you thinking? You're freaking retarded bro! You are an incredibly stupid person. I bet those are comments and questions that have crossed your mind in the past five seconds. Just STAY WITH ME!!!!!!

But The EU Isn't Official Cannon Anymore!!

Yes I'm quite aware of the fact that the Expanded Universe isn't considered official cannon material. HOWEVER, do you really think that some elements of the Expanded Universe won't inspire and influence aspects of the future of Star Wars? If you don't then I'm not the stupid one.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Yes JJ and Lucasfilm have stated that material from the EU won't be adapted to the new trilogy. HOWEVER, JJ also said that Kahn wouldn't be in Into Darkness. Joss Whedon said that the Chitauri wouldn't be in the first Avengers movie. Well guess what people! KAHN WAS IN STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS AND THE CHITAURI WERE IN THE AVENGERS! Just because somebody says something doesn't make it true. I could say that I'm secretly JJ Abrams righting this article, but that's not true. We have to go through life taking everything with a grain of salt. So if JJ and Lucasfilm say the EU won't be in the new trilogy, don't believe it fully! I guarantee that there will be some aspects of the EU that will inspire or influence the new trilogy in some way!

Hahaha joke is on you!
Hahaha joke is on you!

We all know how paranoid JJ is when it comes to his movies and how he will do anything to keep everything a secret! What if JJ and Lucasfilm are just telling us that they won't consider/use EU material to throw us off their trail? I mean, it honestly sounds like something JJ would do (based on past experiences).

It Has To Be Revan!

1. The Costume

Well, it doesn't have to be, but it's highly likely that our new villain is (or is based on) Darth Revan. Let's look at our evidence again. Remember how I wanted you to focus on the villain's costume? This is why.

Notice the back of Revan's costume!
Notice the back of Revan's costume!

Study the back of Revan's costume and then refer back to image of the villain I provided earlier. Don't they look similar? The costume of the villain from the trailer is alike to Revan's.

2. The Title: [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158)

We've already established that the title is a vital piece of evidence when considering who our villain is (and it's also important to the rest of the movie too). However, I have also previously stated that every Sith we've known has died on screen. OK, well lets look at Sith offscreen. Every Sith Lord we know of is dead except for Revan! The fate of Revan is being expounded upon in the Old Republic online game. Revan's fate is not known! It's presumed he died, but there is no evidence to prove so! In the Old Republic game, we learn that Revan has survived for hundreds of years! Revan mastered both sides of the Force. He is the most powerful Jedi/Sith ever! Perhaps Revan unlocked the secret to immortality through the Force, a secret Darth Plagueis and Sidious tried to discover, but never found. BUT, what if Luke discovered it? After all, it's assumed he has been hiding for thirty years. What if during his exile, he deeply studied the Force and all of it's aspects? In doing so, he learned of Revan and tried to learn and master his secrets. By doing this, Revan was awakened and is now on a mission to destroy Luke from becoming more powerful than him.

3. The Actor

It's pretty much known that Adam Driver is playing the villain in the new trilogy. It's also assumed his villain will hold a similar capacity to Darth Vader. Who better than Revan to fill that role?


I MEAN C'MON PEOPLE! HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE REVAN! Seriously though, if anything above wasn't enough to put the thought into your head, take a look at Adam Driver himself! He really does strongly resemble Revan.

In Conclusion

Now I know some of you are going to think that I'm insane. Maybe I am, but maybe I'm not. Star Wars itself has been pretty dormant for the last eight to ten years. Yeah we've had the Clone Wars Series and some cool video games and such, but on a global scale Star Wars has been pretty quiet. But with this new trilogy and other movies, Star Wars is slowly becoming the center of entertainment once again just like it used to be! What better of a way to help usher in these new films than have a villain be based upon, or actually be, Darth Revan! For the fans, it will be great because we know how interegal and popular of a character Revan is in the Star Wars universe. As for everyone else, it would work to introduce someone as epic as Revan to fill the shoes of Vader to set up future films. I think it could work and I would love to see it happen! However, I know that nothing is set in stone until we hear word from Lucasfilm or JJ themselves. This is just a theory I have developed based on what I've seen in the trailer and what knowledge I already have about Star Wars. But who knows? This new villain could be someone entirely new to the franchise! Or it could be someone who is, or is based upon, Darth Revan himself.

What Do You Think?

Do you think its possible we might see a cinematic version of Darth Revan in the new trilogy? Or at least someone who is very similar to him? Who do you think the new villain is?


Who is the new villain in The Force Awakens?


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