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The Game Awards - our industry's biggest yearly awards show - are fast approaching, and gamers everywhere are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the winners! One category, however, doesn't celebrate any particular games themselves, but instead awards the most creative, insane and hilarious creations made by the awesome video game fan community! Here are the nominations:

1 - Twitch Plays Pokemon by Anonymous

One of the most incredible social experiments of the year was conducted within the most unlikely of environments imaginable! On the 12th February an anonymous Australian programmer had an ingenious idea that ignited the internet overnight: let's have one giant co-operative game of Pokemon Red played by the whole of the internet!

The programmer set up a Twitch channel that not only allowed anyone to watch Pokemon be played, but also let them affect the game itself - live! The chatroom for the stream enabled viewers to enter commands that would control the character on screen, resulting in pure, hilarious mayhem. Some tried to complete the game while others attempted to foil those players, splitting into two juxtaposed camps: Anarchy and Democracy.

The experiment lasted for 16 continuous days of gameplay, with around 1.16 million people participating. It was a period of internet magic and is a prime example of the wonderfully bizarre creations that awesome fans offer us every day!

2 - Luigi Death Stare by CZBwoi

This little fan offering is short but sweet, giving us a glimpse into the dark heart of Mario's sinister sibling. I never realized Luigi was so evil, but the glass eye stare he shoots Waluigi as he performs a merciless green shell drive-by is truly terrifying. Bizarrely, the clip even earned a spot on FOX News. Watching it still makes me giggle...and wonder about Luigi's dark, deeply disturbed past.

3 - Best Zelda Rap Ever (NSFW) by Egoraptor

Egoraptor's comical Zelda-themed rhymes are truly inspired! The rap deviates quite dramatically from the events of the actual series, but in all the right, downright hilarious ways. It's a must watch for any true Zelda fan and features some awesome video game crossovers that I won't spoil here.

4 - Minecraft's TITAN City by Colonial Puppet

You might look at the picture above and think, 'those graphics don't look so good'. But what if I told you everything you can see was hand-built in Minecraft. If you've played the LEGO-like sandbox game before you'll know how impressive that is, and just how much painstaking effort was required to build the sprawling metropolis that is TITAN City.

The virtual city consists of 4.5 million blocks, all individually placed to create over 90 buildings. It took over 2 years of hard work to construct and the results are just staggering. Take a look for yourself:

Just mind-blowing. Kudos to Colonial Puppet for this insanely cool creation.

5 - Mine the Diamond by Tobuscus

Another Minecraft-related entry at number 5, Mine the Diamond is a brilliant satirical love-letter to the super-addictive indie game that sapped the time of so many gamers throughout the year. Tobuscus' animation style is just awesome and fits the song so well! I'd watch the video again, but it's just made me want go back to mining again. Where are you, diamonds!

The Official Results

The show where the winner will be announced takes place on Friday, December 5 in Las vegas, starting at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern time, and will be available to stream here.

But why wait till then, when you can decide the winner now!


Tell us which video game fan creation was your favorite of 2014!


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