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According to a report from Comic Book Resources, Claire Holt, one of the stars from CW's hit TV show The Originals, is in the lineup to be cast as CBS's Supergirl, a.k.a. Kara Zor- El.

As most of you know, Kara escaped the destruction of Krypton, much like her cousin Kal El a.k.a. Clark Kent. Smallville. Superman. Man of Steel. Supes. The Red/Blue Blur...

- Oh excuse me. I digress. Apologies to the utmost degree.

Anyway, at the age of twelve Kara escapes the pending doom of her planet and lands on Earth to be taken in by the Danvers. For a more in depth look at Kara go here.

Claire Holt could actually pull it off!

1. Holt already has the look.

Seriously. She does. Didn't you look at the picture? Look at it again.

2. She's used to portraying a powerful being.

Vampire to Supergirl? It's possible.

3. She's used to having other powerful beings as family members (a.k.a. Klaus telling her what to do).

Let's be real here. Superman tells Kara what to do all the time. All of the time. Mr. Super Bossy Pants.

4. The Australian actress can pull off the American accent. Check out the trailer for Blue Like Jazz and begin at the 1:17 mark. American accent in tow.

Video courtesy of YouTube user BlueLikeJazzTheMovie

5. Holt has exceptional acting chops. Remember how Supergirl is kind of rough? Yeah so is Rebekah.

To read more about the developments of Supergirl click here

After all that's been said what do you think?

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Do you think Claire Holt has what it takes to be Supergirl?


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