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It's been 26 years since Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper shared their first kiss, but The Wonder Years remains as familiar and poignant as ever. With a brand-new, feature-packed DVD set now available and memorabilia from the show entering The Smithsonian, it seems that everyone is hungry for a huge slice of nostalgia.

With this excitement for the beloved sitcom in mind, let's take a look at what the main cast has been up to since The Wonder Years left our TV screens over two decades ago!

Fred Savage - Kevin Arnold

Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold, the definitive boy next door whose coming of age story was defined by major historical moments and lots of pretty girls. While he's done some voice acting since The Wonder Years (and appeared as "The Mole" in Austin Powers: Goldmember), Savage has made a bigger name for himself for his work behind the camera. He's directed episodes of comedy favorites like [Modern Family](series:201500), [Party Down](movie:250642), and [It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia](series:722502), and he's currently working on a Yahoo scripted series called Sin City Saints.

But to me, he will always be the professor that hit on Topanga in Boy Meets World. For shame, Kevin! Did you learn nothing from the heartache that Winnie Cooper caused you?

Daniel Stern - Narrator (Older Kevin Arnold)

Have I been living in a cave, or is it common knowledge that Marv from Home Alone voices the older Kevin Arnold? He narrated the entire series, and I'm just now discovering this.

The actor that played everyone's favorite heard-but-not-seen character went on to star in one of my all-time favorite movies, Bushwhacked along with, Rookie of the Year and, of course, City Slickers and Home Alone. His voice has made its way to Hey Arnold!, Dilbert, and Family Guy. Currently, in between guest starring on acclaimed comedies [Getting On](series:758394) and [Workaholics](series:720998), he stars on historical drama Manhattan as a scientist developing the first atomic bomb.

Dan Lauria - Jack Arnold

Jack Arnold was gruff, dismissive, and leery of all the social change surrounding him in the 1960s. Dan Lauria, on the other hand, has plenty to smile about, with consistent work since raising the Arnold clan. He went on to guest star on virtually every big show that your mom watched during the nineties, from Touched by an Angel to Party of Five. More recently, Lauria starred in the now-canceled TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son, and he has two movies in the works. He remains extremely proud that the The Wonder Years was the first series to have a Beatles song as its theme.

Alley Mills - Norma Arnold

Kevin's upbeat mom Norma had a passion for mixing patterns and offered a nurturing alternative to her husband's militaristic approach to parenting. After the cancelation of The Wonder Years, Alley Mills secured a recurring role on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman as Michaela Quinn's sister. Later, she joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful as the mentally unstable receptionist Pamela Douglas. She still lends her talents to the long-running soap opera and has appeared in over FOUR HUNDRED episodes. Way to go, Norma! After seeing you put up with Jack for years, we could never doubt your longevity.

Jason Hervey - Wayne Arnold

Potentially the most aggravating older brother to ever appear onscreen, Wayne made Kevin's life a living hell (but he did know how to rock an oversized sweater). Jason Hervey brought Wayne's reputation to the Nickelodeon show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, in which he played a bully transformed into a dog as punishment for his misdeeds. If only Wayne could have met the same fate for all the times he embarrassed Kevin in front of his crushes.

Hervey has also made capitalized our collective nostalgia for The Wonder Years, becoming a mainstay on VH1's pop culture recap shows such as I Love the 80s and I Love the 80s Strikes Back.

Josh Saviano - Paul Pfeiffer

Kevin's best friend through thick and thin, Paul Pfeiffer remains one of TV's most recognizable nerds, even serving as inspiration for equally dorky Milhouse on [The Simpsons](series:200695). Much like his fictional counterpart, Saviano went on to an Ivy League education, though he opted for Yale instead of Harvard. He left acting behind and chose a career that would certainly make Paul proud: practicing law. Ever the overachiever, he is currently a Partner at Morrison Cohen LLP where he specializes in mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property law. A far cry from the days everyone thought Saviano went on to become Marilyn Manson.

Olivia d'Abo - Karen Arnold

Karen Arnold was the free-spirited and rebellious oldest sister in the Arnold family, and she constantly butted heads with her father over their opposing political views.

Following The Wonder Years, Olivia d'Abo starred in a childhood favorite of mine, The Big Green, and found numerous guest starring roles on TV. On Law & Order: Criminal Intent, d'Abo played a manipulative psychopath who managed con her way out of several cases by assuming multiple identities. Like many of her Wonder Years costars, she has gotten consistent voicework as Star Sapphire on Justice League, Luminara Unduli in [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](series:200641), and Natalia Romanoff in Ultimate Avengers. It just makes sense that Karen, who was so concerned with justice, would go on to play such powerful freedom fighters.

Danica McKellar - Winnie Cooper

Winnie Cooper stole Kevin's heart right from the pilot, and she secured a place as the obsession of nearly every adolescent boy who grew up during the show's six season run. But, we can all agree that she was kind of a jerk, right? She cheated on Kevin more than once, and, when she managed to stay faithful, her moods ranged from jealousy to total apathy.

Luckily, Danica McKellar has proven to be the actual girl of our dreams. She played Trudy on a couple pivotal episodes of [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) and competed on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars. She's lent her voice to some of the the most recognizable superheroes including Invisible Woman, Jubilee, and Batgirl. She even made out with Avril Lavigne as a grown-up version of her former self named 'Winnie Cooperre'. Best of all, she's a huge advocate for education, authoring FOUR books that encourage young girls to pursue the field of mathematics. Clearly, Winnie's got nothing on Danica.

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