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Warning: Huge spoilers for mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, consider yourselves warned.

There's no doubt about it, the mid-season finale for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) was sad, brutal, and over too soon. But for some unlucky fans, the biggest moments of episode 8 were ruined by a lack of forethought from AMC.

Shortly after episode 8, "Coda" finished airing on the East Coast, AMC posted a photo of Daryl, carrying Beth's dead body, over on the official Walking Dead Facebook page, because, well, I guess they forgot that they have more than one timezone in America, and that the entire West Coast and rest of the world still hadn't seen the episode.

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Though the spoiler is still on The Walking Dead Facebook page, AMC did offer an apology to those that had had the episode spoiled for them, and promised to hold off on any potential spoilers in the future until at least the West Coast had seen the episode (no such promise for the rest of the world, sadly).

Despite this apology, the internet could not be quelled so easily, and the post sparked off some hilarious picture reactions in the comments. Check out a collection of the best below:

Some felt The Walking Dead best expressed how they felt

Ouch, you know Carol would do it too.

This one's simple yet effective

Other people went for the classics to show AMC their feelings

They've got a very specific set of Facebook stalking skills

Others went purely for the reaction to the news

I'm sure AMC will certainly think twice before posting any more spoilers in the future!


Did you have the mid-season finale spoiled by The Walking Dead Facebook page?

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