ByEoin Mac Aindriú, writer at

Did I like this film? Yeah..... Is it great? No not really...... The first half of this film is excellent. We are given a compelling scenario of a dying Earth which forces Matthew McConaughey to undertake a real kinda pot luck mission for what's left of NASA. Character development is quite good, with McConaughey and whatever his daughter's name was. Michael Caine is also true to form and adds a real touch of class. Now I could talk all day about the special effects, they really are great..... Unfortunately, that doesn't really make that much difference to me. Although, the scene with the black hole is pretty cool. Anyway, the film goes along at a good pace and is exciting while developing a story. Unfortunately, the film takes a bit of a negative turn once they dig out Matt Damon, Seriously it wouldn't be the worst call in the world to turn it off at this point. The film tries to become more clever then it actually is. If you're one of these people that is going to think I'm just picking holes in the film unnecessarily then just look at the title of the film person! It's called Interstellar! They travel between galaxies so it should be Intergalactic! I like that the film tried something different so I won't slate it or anything, just the idea of love seems very cheesy in my opinion. I feel the film would have worked much better if the underlying question was do you believe in God etc. As in we're faced with the choice of do you believe God put us here and that we should stay, or that it's purely scientific why we're here. If you've seen the film Signs then you get what I mean when Mel Gibson talks about do you believe in coincidences or something more. Anyway, a very enjoyable film, has a story, has some good actors and performances, has a really cool robot called TARS and provides us with some cool excitement. The whole time change aspect when they're on the planet with the waves is also very interesting. However, this film isn't perfect and the end isn't as clever as some people think. I was going to give this film a 6.5 but that robot TARS definitely deserves the extra point one!


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