ByEoin Mac Aindriú, writer at

So while some people may not want to admit it, we are all excited at seeing Arnie "be back" once again. But how could

actually use the main man to best effect? Note this is not how the film will play out so there are no spoilers!

It has been well established that the machines/ terminators are rolled off an assembly line and that there were many copies of the same terminator (T-800). Why therefore couldn't this film not have Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man and not a machine? He could have been simply the man they used to base the machine on? Surely the machines would have based the terminators on real people so that they weren't too perfect and would be able to infiltrate enemy bases etc. In terms of a human specimen they would have looked for the best and that's why someone of Arnie's build would have been chosen.

The film could even have gone a step further and had his character playing a pivotal role in the film helping John Connors in some way. This would have acted in a similar way to how Terminator 2: judgement Day altered the iconic role. Or, he could have been some sort of villainous character, or even somebody of influence who opposed John.

What is in store for the new film nobody knows, but if this turns out to be the plot you heard it here first!


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