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Adam Estep

Okay, lets talk the logistics of this so called battle. For one Flash just got his powers, he isn't as talented, and has no weapons (but he is smart). My man, The Arrow aka (The Green Arrow) is as good as batman just green and has a bow, he is smart in bad situations, and he basically is a weapon (but he has no powers).

The Arrow made a vow never to kill again but he has had too and honestly he hesitated. Do i think he'll kill The Flash absolutely not he likes the kid. If anything he will put him back in his place and teach him better. Another reason The Flash won't die is that its the first season of a TV show about a very famous superhero. The Arrow wont die because The Green Arrow is in the justice league and as far as i know, The Arrow isn't yet.

The Flash he is strong, fast, and powerful. But he is a youngster he won't kill Oliver, he trusts him. There is also more than likely a comic about this exact fight fight so most know how it will end (no spoilers please). I wanna know who wronged who, why, and how. Could you say I'm excited for tonight uh...... yah. But any fans of DC is aren't they?

This is also my very first article/post I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know how I did, how I can improve, and what I should do next. As well as next weeks poll haha.



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