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I still remember being about 12 years old, feeling like a little badass and deciding to watch, by myself in a dark living room, what my parents said was "the scariest movie" they'd ever seen. I was in that preteen stage where I felt invincible and I figured there was no way I would be scared. That movie was, of course, The Exorcist, and since I had gone through Sunday School and had spent some time in the Catholic Church growing up I absolutely have to admit that I came close to peeing my pants while watching.

The director of The Exorcist, William Friedkin, has tweeted something about the movie [The Babadook](movie:1194465) that straight-up scares the living bejeezus out of me... at least if it is true. I guess you could sum it up as a bold declaration from a credible source. Check the tweet:

That's no joke. He even went on to add:

Talk about good company to be in! The movie is only playing in limited theaters but is available on iTunes. Here's the trailer below...

This highlights the power of social media to influence pop culture. I mean, I definitely want to watch this now (even though I might almost pee my pants again) - does this increase your willingness to check it out, too? Could this really be the next great horror film of our generation?


Have you seen or will you now see 'The Babadook'?


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