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Amidst the Star Wars hype of the past week, several fans have created parody trailers, documented their reactions, and reenacted the teaser for The Force Awakens over on YouTube. But videomaker iREELintheFILM had a different idea: a side-by-side comparison of every Star Wars trailer, in one video. Check it out, then scroll down for some of my favorite parts.

The Narrator Strikes Back

The trailer for Empire Strikes Back is primarily comprised of out-of-this-world art by the legendary Ralph McQuarrie, and pretty much zero footage. The one thing that stands out over this video gallery, of course, is the fact that presumably zero people informed this poor (and probably very confused) narrator of how names in Star Wars are pronounced. Ladies and gentlemen, Landow Calrissian!

Quality Control

You can definitely see the rise of filmmaking (and the trilogy's budget) throughout the course of the first three trailers. What started as ominous music and creepy mumbling escalates into James Earl Jones narrating an epic, action-packed sequence that primarily shows off the Battle on Endor. It's incredible to see how the rise of sci-fi really pushed the boundaries for movie-making in the 70's and 80's, especially because of how drastically different each of the original three trailers were.

"Well, this looks pretty good..."

He was a puppet for like 5 whole minutes!
He was a puppet for like 5 whole minutes!

"Look, they even kept the puppetry! ... Sort of." Do you remember how you felt when the first trailer for The Phantom Menace aired? I was ten years old, and more excited than ever. While I hadn't waited nearly as long as older fans of the series did, Star Wars was my life. I remember immediately busting out my plastic replica lightsaber (dad had the nice Force FX one, but I wasn't allowed to have it - because I was ten, guys) and bouncing around my living room, trying to pull the stunts I'd seen Luke do in the original trilogy. Outside of splitting my lip, it was an incredible feeling. Oh, to be young again...

New Lightsaber Reveals

Darth Maul's double-sided ligthsaber was a huge deal for fans of Star Wars. While the Expanded Universe offered description of some pretty crazy blades, we'd never seen something like this in action on the big screen. In fact, most of the hype around The Phantom Menace was focused on Darth Maul. He was terrifying, he had a weapon we'd never seen before, and he was out for blood. Even now, the new Sith lightsaber we've been shown has thrown us for a loop - and neither of them are as bonkers as this one, but I doubt that we've seen the craziest yet.

And, of course, The Force Awakens

oh god I'm late for Stormtrooper school!!
oh god I'm late for Stormtrooper school!!

It seems that, with every new generation, we're given a new style of teaser. I hope that the upcoming teasers will be as varied as those of the original trilogy, showing off each director's special touch and a progression of story, stylistically, that we're surprised by every single time.


Which trailer is your favorite?


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