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It's time! It's here! The long-awaited holiday season is upon us. This is definitely my favorite year. Largely because I get to bundle myself up for this mid-60 degree Los Angeles weather (I apologize to people who live where it actually gets cold), and I can eat mass quantities of food free of the usual stares of awe and disgust from the people around me.

I know that some people have a harder time getting into the festive feeling (bah humbug!) which is why I'm here to show you this clever video of Disney movies mashed up so that their characters sing "Jingle Bells."

Okay, they might not be the most cohesive group of singers, but they certainly are cute. Especially young Dick Van Dyke *wink*.

I was going to break this one down for you guys, like we normally do, but I've decided to make this a little more interactive! Let's see if we can name every character and movie included in this singalong. I'm sure this will be a total breeze for a lot of you, but there are still some tricky ones.

The only rule is: No Internet help! I'm watching you! Fine, I'm not watching you. But Santa might be, so be good.

The first one I recognize is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Although, it doesn't look like he's in the Hundred Acre Wood...What a mystery.

Okay, now you go! Let me know in the comments section which characters and movies you can name.


Did the Disney characters' mashup of "Jingle Bells" help get you into the holiday spirit?


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