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That's right folks, you read it right! Not to be mistaken with "Damian Wayans is back" (because Google sure did), our little Robin the Fifth has come back to life!

Now, I don't know about you, but Bruce's assassin brat coming back is probably the shadiest, most unbelievably predictable thing DC has ever done! Don't tell me you didn't look at the poor kid dying and said, "That's too bad. He'll be back by the end of the year." And okay, sure, it took a little longer for Damian to come back than it should have, but he did it anyway.Now, on the picture on top, you can see Damian Wayne, lookin' fresh as ever and doing the Superman trick. Judging by the bullets flying off of his Robin suit covered chest, it seems his coming back to life has a...side-effect.

As for reactions, well... Dick would be overjoyed, but considering he's out playing with spies, that remains to be confirmed. Tim (deny-it not) would be happy to not be the youngest anymore, and Jason will probably be extremely suspicious for about a month, before eventually ruffling his hair in that way only Jason Todd could mess up your hair (although Damian would still look cute). Alfred, the british awesomeness that he is, would either smile and say "I told you so", or smile and say "Welcome back, Master Damian." Or both...

And his pets! Batcow would mooooo in happiness, Alfred the Cat would meow for more food, and Titus would bark whil wagging his tail once again.

The girls (Steph, Babs and Cass if she can make it.) will be alllllll over him. :D. Considering Batman's extreme caution towards Meta-Humans, my guess is DaddyBats has two options:

  • Be happy in his respective way and push away the voice going "No Meta-Humans!!!" to the back of his head, for the sake of his family. Or...
  • Be angry. Be very angry.


Do you think DaddyBats is gonna make a decision we can all be satisfied with?


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