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Ridley Scott's Exodus is one of the upcoming movies that I'm most excited about. At least, I'm definitely trying to stay excited because I know that whether it be by the hands of my dad or Moviepilot, I will end up seeing this movie.

I'm not complaining. It's a freakin' Ridley Scott movie! I have no doubts that it's going to be great. My efforts of remaining excited, despite the long wait for it to come out, have been aided by the most recent trailer. It's seriously intense! Prepare yourself for some epic biblical action drama.

I have also started calling this movie Exodus: The Biblical Guyliner Competition. Who would win in a competition between these two?

Christian Bale as Moses


Joel Edgerton as Rhamses

I'll let you guys decide.

Besides the epic guyliner battle, this trailer is jam-packed with some serious action. Like real, serious battles. Let's break this bad boy down and show some of the highlights.

Something is coming indeed...

And it's casting a giant shadow on these pyramids. Mysterious.

And sh*t is starting to go down

Don't just stand there, Rhamses!

Ben Kingsley is looking pretty solemn

Yesssss Ben Kingsley! If all else fails (although I doubt anything will fail), we can rest assured knowing that Sir Ben Kingsley will have played the role of Nun beautifully.

Just to confirm, we are still in ancient Egypt

Plenty of these quick shots to remind us that we're not in some kind of crazy, dystopian future world.

We get a glimpse of the 7th plague...

Thunderstorms of hail and fire are no joke. Seriously, hail this size would have me freaking out, too.

Here come the locusts!

I take it back. This. This is the stuff of nightmares.

Natural phenomena is starting to get even crazier...

Lightning in a tornado? NOPE. I'll just head home now.

And here is Aaron Paul looking extra beardy as Joshua

I actually didn't even recognize him the first time around.

Suddenly everything is on fire

This is getting so intense!

Now we've got a Captain Hook type situation on our hands

That is one big gator.

Finally, an entire army running through the Red Sea

AHH! Everything is happening! This is so stressful.

How crazy is this? I'm seriously excited to see this movie, but my only concern now is that they showed all their cards in the trailer. But hey, we've still got some plagues to see, so it's all good.

[Exodus: Gods and Kings](movie:44617) will hit theaters on December 12 in Digital 3D and RealD 3D.


Are you going to see Exodus: Gods and Kings in theaters?


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