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Is it time for Wholock to reach our screens? For those of you that don't know what Wholock is, it is a Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes cross-over Episode/Minisode. Fans want it to happen as both shows have the same Head-writer, which is the one and only Steven Moffat.

When Is The Best Time For Wholock To Appear?

I think Wholock would be suitable for Charity such as Children in Need or Comic Relief. These shows get many viewers and once fans realise Wholock would be there, they would all be intrigued and interested as to see what will happen. If it is going to be for Charity then it should only last about 10 minutes (more details in the next section). Children in Need comes round once a year. So they would have plenty of time to plan and film it.

Sam Pearson agrees with me - Sam says 'Wholock I think the only way it would work is if they did it as a charity thing, say for children in need, or some thing like that'.

How Long Should Wholock Be? 10 Minutes? 30 Minutes?

If Wholock is going to be a Charity Special then yes it would be about 10 minutes long. Look at 'Time Crash' in 2007, that Special lasted about 10-15 minutes and was for Children in Need. Time Crash involved 2 Doctors, 10th (David Tennant) and 5th (Peter Davison). Hints the title 'Time Crash'. But if Wholock was going to be a one off Episode then maybe it should be a full length Episode which is 45 minutes. Or Wholock could become a Mini-Series. Have about 3/4 Episodes that are about 10-15 minutes long. But it is all going depend on how well these Episodes are going to be. If they are poorly written then fans might lose interest and not watch the rest. Whereas if they a written pretty well viewers will become interested and will be on the edge of their seats! To help support it Steven Moffat can get his Co-Writer for Sherlock to help him. This is Mark Gatiss. Mark has also written and starred in Doctor Who and Sherlock, so he will know what he is doing.

What Content Would It Involve?

Wholock could involve Sherlock hearing a mysterious noise outside his house (221B Baker Street). He looks out of his window and notices a mysterious Blue Box. Sherlock ventures outside and knocks the TARDIS door. Then all of a sudden the doors fly open! We hear the Doctor say 'Get in, I've got something to show and tell you'. With Sherlock curious to know he enters the TARDIS. The TARDIS disappears. We then see a shot of John Watson (Sherlock's Assistant) run out yelling for Sherlock! That would then leave episode 1 on a cliffhanger. Obviously there would be a bit more content involved but we shall leave that to the writers.

Episode 2 could consist of the Doctor showing Sherlock Space and Time. He could show him the Past and the Future. Maybe show Sherlock how famous he becomes once he has died? The Doctor could tell Sherlock that he has always wanted to meet him. That could leave Episode 2 there. Which leaves Episode 3.

Episode 3 would involve the Doctor taking Sherlock back to 221B Baker Street and act like nothing has happened. With Sherlock shocked to have seen what he becomes he thanks the Doctor for his travel in his Mysterious Blue Box that is bigger on the inside. As Sherlock enters his house John Watson says 'Where have you been? I was worried for you'. Sherlock could then reply with 'I had a visit from a very special friend who I shall always look up to and never forget him'.

I mean I am no expert but, that is how I would plan it and write it like that.

Steven Moffat - Head Writer of both Shows
Steven Moffat - Head Writer of both Shows

Which Doctor Should Take Up The Role?

Would it be best if Peter Capaldi was The Doctor in this? Capaldi is the current Doctor and it would fit well. Whereas others would prefer Matt Smith (11th Doctor) to take up the role and be the Doctor one last time. A fan video has already been made with 11 and Sherlock meeting. What about a Classic Doctor to meet Sherlock? Doctor 4,5,6,7,8? It would be good to see a Classic Who Doctor to appear again, but that is up to the writer.

Your Thoughts On Wholock

Helena Griffiths - The idea of Wholock seems brilliant and from the fan made videos I've seen i think it could work really well.

John Roberts-pierce - Yeah would be cool for Doctor who being clever towards Sherlock then getting owned by him.

Daniel Evans - I think it could both be very good and very bad. At the end of the day, it's two geniuses in a room together, failing to get along. It depends how it's written

Elle Missy Tennant - It should definitely happen! So many fans will be pleased, and it'll increase the popularity of both shows.

Clare Jackson - Be so cool


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Is It Time For Wholock To Happen


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