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I have a deep love for the superpowered, the superhuman and the supernatural. This translates not only to a deep and abiding love for ancien
Randy Micah Smith

I won't bore you with small talk...The Flash and '[Arrow](series:720988)' (*cough* Green Arrow) will clash tonight, for part one of a two-day, two-part event! And while I am always far more likely to place my proverbial bet on a superhuman (sorry, Metahuman) over a regular guy in leather, this two-part event makes me second-guess just who will end up the top dog.

And that's not all. As though seeing two kick-butt superheroes go head-to-head wasn't already enough to grab your geeky/nerdy attention, we got another special shout-out from the world of capes and cowls.

Yes, that's right. Flame on (*ahem* Or, um, the DC equivalent).

Anyhow, the question is set before you. Tonight looks like the start of great things in the DC-CW-TV Universe. So, what part of this announcement has got your attention? What part are you looking forward to? Let us know in the poll and comments below!


What Part of the Flash vs. Arrow Two-Part Event Are You Most Looking Forward To?


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