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We all know what happens in the Incredibles. Mr. Incredible had a huge fan. The fan was named Buddy. Buddy wanted to be his sidekick. It didn't work out... As a result, Supers are no longer welcomed in society. Mr. Incredible has a family with Elastigirl. Buddy becomes a villain named Syndrome. The Incredibles and Frozone save the day from Syndrome's Omnidroid.

Ever wonder what would've happened if Mr. Incredible had been more open minded about Buddy becoming Incrediboy? If he had taken Buddy up on his offer?

There are two times where Mr. Incredible had the chance to accept Buddy as Incrediboy. The second one is a little more important. You remember that scene with Bomb Voyage? If not, here it is:

That! Right there! Where Mr. Incredible says "Go home, Buddy. I work alone." That's the part where he screwed up everything!

I know, I get it. It was dangerous. Bomb Voyage is a maniac whose choice of weapon is bombs. But really? Telling your supposed number one fan that he needs to go home because you "work alone"? Doesn't seem like the best idea.

Okay, sure, Mr. Incredible was pressed for time. He had to get to his wedding with Elastigirl and he had to take down Bomb Voyage and stop him from getting away. But because he turned Buddy down that inspired rage within Buddy for being rejected, Bomb Voyage got away. Maybe, just maybe, he could've said "Go get the cops, Buddy."

Bomb Voyage wouldn't have planted a bomb on Buddy, Buddy wouldn't have been so angry that he became Syndrome, and Supers would not be shunned from society.

Yay! Conflict resolved!

Okay, you're right. If that were to happen, we'd have no movie. So to make a movie, let's speculate a little.

Paper from in the movie about Supers being sued
Paper from in the movie about Supers being sued

Mr. Incredible wasn't the only Super sued, after all. There was a lot of Super hate floating around at the time the movie began.

So let's say that right after Mr. Incredible took down Bomb Voyage (because in this speculated version, Bomb Voyage doesn't get away) he was not involved in the law suits. He was still fighting crime. And maybe he decided that Buddy would be a good sidekick. Maybe he decided that having a non-super Super would be a good idea.

Look at it this way:

The whole world hates Supers and everything to do with them. They feel like they can take care of themselves now. That they don't need the Supers. If Mr. Incredible, one of the better Supers, takes on a non-super sidekick, things might change. People might just have less hatred for them.

Incrediboy and Mr. Incredible could work together to not only fight crime, but fight for Supers' rights. They would work together until Violet or Dash were old enough to step in where Buddy left off. Then Buddy would break off on his own becoming the first ever non-super Super, kind of like how Dick Grayson left Batman to become Nightwing.

Buddy could leave Mr. Incredible's side to find himself. He'd probably end up looking a lot like...

Yup. Iron Man.

Both Buddy and Tony are geniuses who built boots that allow them flight. It can't be much longer before Buddy (working with Mr. Incredible that is) built a full-body suit, being that he's fighting crime constantly. He'd eventually need some more protection than his first suit.

Not only are they smart, but they have quick wits. They come back with snarky remarks and sarcastic comments. Though things are serious, they find a joke out of everything. As a villain, Syndrome made me laugh at how well he immobilized the Incredibles and mocked them. Imagine what he'd be like as a hero.

So where's the conflict?

Okay, you're right. We do need a conflict. I've got three options I can come up with:

  • It can be a number of places. It can be the law suits combined with Buddy becoming Incrediboy. Especially since Mr. Incredible used to work alone. There'd be a lot of conflict there between the two of them to begin with.
  • Or, like in the movie, it could skip ahead to the family in the future. The five of the Incredibles with Frozone and Buddy/Incrediboy/Syndrome. Bomb Voyage, angry at Mr. Incredible for putting him away (possibly repeatedly with Incrediboy's help) could've just broken out of jail. And now he's looking for revenge.
  • Or Buddy makes the Omnidroid in hopes it would help him and other Supers, but it breaks free, becoming to smart to wonder why it had to take orders. Kind of like Ultron in Avengers.

Wow, this is getting long.


Mr. Incredible is the reason that the entire Incredibles movie happened. He's the reason for all the conflict. Had he been less absorbed in himself and cared a little more about the people around him, Buddy would not have become Syndrome.

What do you guys think?


Should Buddy have become a villain or a hero?


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