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Stephen Hawking may be the hero and romantic spotlight in the movie of his life The Theory of Everything but in his fantasy world he wants to be bigger, nastier, more menacing. He wants to be the evil ruler of the world and no one can stop him - except Bond, James Bond.

The man who gave us A Brief History of Time and revolutionized the way we see Black Holes wants to be the baddie in a Bond film. Apparently seeing himself portrayed with such brilliant physicality by Eddie Redmayne in his Hollywood-ized life story has given Hawking the acting bug. And dreams of not only Nobel Prizes but Oscar glory.

"My ideal role would be a baddie in James Bond," he said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter magazine. "I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part."

Hawking as an actor is not that far-fetched of a notion. The Internet Movie Database credits Hawking for three appearances in [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751), four Simpsons episodes and a Star Trek The Next Generation episode in which all of them he played a version of himself.

Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld (played at various time by Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas, Max Von Sydow, Charles Gray and John Hollis) often hatched his evil schemes sitting down in a plush chair and stroking the head of his infamous white pussy cat. The first few entries in the Bond series had Blofeld as just a voice hidden in the shadows. For [Bond 24](movie:660009), Christoph Waltz is said to be reprising the role. It wouldn't be hard to see Hawking with his ravaged body and computer generated speaking voice taking on this mostly ghostly role.

The movies could use more portrayal of geniuses, honestly. Evil or otherwise by actual intellectual geniuses themselves. Too bad it might take bending time and space for Hawking to get his second best role of a lifetime!

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