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By all accounts the production of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) has been running relatively smoothly. While there was an intense spotlight on the movie during the summer, other projects such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken some scrutiny off of the production. We are a little more than a year away from the release of the much anticipated movie and the villain that will be the physical threat, still hasn't been officially revealed.

Details on the story are scarce, but we do know that Batman and Superman will fight. [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and more have been confirmed for appearances in the film, ranging from cameos to supporting roles. So there will have to be a physical threat that brings all of these gods among us together. Clearly they aren't coming together to solely have a philosophical debate with Lex Luthor or Congress. We also know that Jesse Eisenberg will be playing a young Luthor, who clearly will be a puppetmaster, possibly orchestrating the tension of Superman vs Batman.

Devin Faraci of BadAss Digest dropped an interesting scoop today. He flat out confirms that Doomsday will indeed appear in the film. Then went on to explain even more about the upcoming blockbuster.

Lex Luthor has many agents making his dark agenda a reality, an agenda that includes keeping an eye on all metahumans, mainly a woman who walks the streets today but who is seen in pictures from the 1800s. A wonder woman, you might say. At any rate, one of Luthor's agents has a name, and that name is Anatoli Knyazev...You won't see this [the older] version of KGBeast in the movie, but the character name is there - in the script at least - for those who care to pick up on these little easter eggs. One other easter egg: in the world of Batman v Superman the Joker already exists, and Superman knows about him. We don't see him in this movie, though.

His scoop is important because it confirms the legitimacy of several other rumors surrounding the film. Doomsday is notorious for being the monster that beat Superman to death. His presence in the film immediately raises the stakes for the audience because at any time, Superman could theoretically die.

The bit of info on Wonder Woman corroborates the story from a few weeks back that we reported on. There is a strong rumor that her solo film will actually take place in the 1920's, to the surprise of many long-time fans. It would also be an interesting twist on the the mythos if Luthor became as obsessed with figuring Wonder Woman out, as Superman.

It also raises another set of questions as well. If Superman is aware of the Joker, is he aware of Batman? If the Joker is mentioned in passing, it's hard to imagine that he isn't locked up in Arkham Asylum. It also would make even more sense that perhaps part of the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)'s mission would be to break him out. (Or maybe that is Harley Quinn's secret agenda.) Regardless, we have gotten a few more pieces to the puzzle that should begin fitting together quite shortly.

How do you think Doomsday will figure into the plot? What about the Joker? How do you see the events of the movie playing out? Let us know!

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