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Stephen Colbert has often brought out his inner nerd on [The Colbert Report](series:2086233), which is just one of the many reasons audiences love him. And last night, he did it again, laying a smackdown on all haters of the new cross-shaped lightsaber from the Star Wars trailer. And it's made even better since he proves his legit nerd cred with his childhood "true story", as he says, about being a fan two full weeks before anyone else was.

Stephen Colbert claims to be the  #1 Star Wars fan
Stephen Colbert claims to be the #1 Star Wars fan

As he claims, he went to a screening of the first Star Wars movie with a friend with apparent radio-station contest luck, and explains how he was so impacted by how life-changing it was for him that he was legitimately frustrated that he couldn't talk about it with anybody. The reason being, of course, that the movie wasn't yet out to the public.

Check out the brilliant monologue on the Star Wars trailer below...

He tackles all aspects of the trailer, including "R2D2's head playing soccer", the racist reaction to the black Stormtrooper, and calls out a specific Twitter user (shout-out to @BillCorbett, and congratulations on your handle blowing up buddy) about the lightsaber controversy.

As always, Colbert's fanhood is legit. Really cool that he did a full "analysis" too - this is "fake news" at its finest!

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Did Colbert clear up the lightsaber controversy?


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