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The list of things I love in life is long. Like, not super long or anything, but it's pretty long. I've actually never sat down and made this list, but I can say with certainty that two of my favorite things (probably both in the top 25) are doughnuts and Doctor Who.

Some lucky Kansan with similar interests as me will get to indulge in the combination of the two provided by The Donut Whole. Granted, the crossover between Whovians and doughnut fans is probably pretty big, but they're still lucky to have access to flavors like this.

Are you guys ready to feast your eyes on something truly beautiful?

Picture: The Donut Whole/Facebook
Picture: The Donut Whole/Facebook

I know, I know. [Doctor Who](series:200668) + Doughnuts = Magic.

And with that, Kristin packed up her bags and ran to Witchita, Kansas to be closer to them screaming, "I'm coming, beautiful yeast rings!" As she flew through the streets.

Fine, fine, I didn't. But I will pop down to the doughnut shop around the corner from me and request a delicious blue TARDIS doughnut. Hopefully it's bigger on the inside. Also, if the proprietors of The Donut Whole are feeling generous, Moviepilot would be happy to take some doughnuts off your hands! Although I doubt there are any left.


Which of these Whovian doughnuts do you most want to sink your teeth into?


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