ByDaniel Dougherty, writer at

I have been wondering about who could be the successor to Tony Stark as Iron Man ever since the posts about Robert Downey Jr. no longer being Tony Stark came out.

It was after I saw [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) for the second time that I had the epiphany that Ty Simpkins, who portrays Harley Keener, is the most likely successor in my eyes to the mantle of Iron Man.

I cannot remember how old Harley Keener was in Iron Man 3 but I believe that by the time Robert Downey Jr. steps down as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Harley Keener can step into Tony Starks suits. Harley Keener will most likely not be portrayed by Ty Simpkins when the time comes for a new Iron Man, but to me it does seem like a very logical choice to fill Robert Downey Jr's shoes.


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