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My mind is exploding as I type this. Today is a day to be marked in the history books. We have confirmation on the Suicide Squad roster and cast. The Joker will be returning to the big screen with Jared Leto. [The Flash](series:1068303)/Arrow crossover happened. Connor Hawke is being set up. And Slade Wilson is coming back. Let's start off with the known stuff:

[Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)'s cast has been revealed

Thank god. I was getting antsy and scared Margot Robbie and Jared Leto wouldn't be chosen for the roles everyone rumoured them to play, but they're here, along with Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jai Courtney, and Cara Delevigne.

I'm only worried about Will Smith beacuse I just can't see him as a villain.

The Flash/ [Arrow](series:720988) Crossover Happened

It's well known it would happen, but it's great because we saw Oliver head into Central City, which would inevitably lead to...

Connor Hawke

Remember her? The unnamed mother of Oliver's baby? Who Moira paid to leave Starling to Central and pretend she had a miscarriage? Well she was back, and surprise! She kept the baby. We don't know her name, so she could very well be Sandra, the mother of Connor Hawke, Oliver's illegitimate son. But why's this important? Because Connor goes on to become Red Arrow (which is plausible because Roy's Arsenal now, and I can see him stepping out of the position of Oliver's sidekick), and eventually Green Arrow himself. This could help the show in the long run, but we'll just keep it at Red Arrow for now. Red Arrow! And while we're still on the subject of Arrow:

Deathstroke Will Return

Yes you read it right. MTV is telling us exclusively that the biggest bad for Arrow is coming back this seasons. The 14th episode, to be specific. He somehow got out of the ARGUS supermax as promised. Or the less likely option: it's a flashback. This probably won't happen because Oliver thought he killed Deathstroke already.


Which are you most excited for?


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