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It has officially been announced! Yep, Suicide Squad is not only coming in 2016, but Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Tom Hardy, Jai Courtney, and Cara Delevingne are going to be the main cast. I have been roaming the internet looking at peoples reactions and I am quite surprised from the lack of interest. Don't get me wrong I've seen people going crazy, but many a tweet, and other media posts, have shown minor excitement. This is going to be my list of reasons why we should be going crazy for this news, not Arkham crazy though.

1.) David Ayer Writing and Directing

We are getting a Suicide Squad movie from the guy who just did a war film about another squad, and it was great! Ayer has shown us time and time again that he can not only tell a thrilling, action filled story, but he can also show deep character stories with those movies. If he was meant to do a DC movie, Suicide Squad is definitely the best for him.

Ayer is also known for making movies that don't hold back when it comes to violence. Does that mean the movie is going to be rated R? No. I highly doubt DC's third cinematic universe film will be R, though there is a chance it could be. The fact is that Ayer will be giving us the film we want. He definitely knows his stuff or someone from DC (cough... cough Geoff Johns) is helping him because he is picking both popular and almost unknown characters, even the average comic fans. The fact is that Ayer is a popular writer and director right now. That means he gets a lot of offers for movies, and the fact that he took Suicide Squad means something about the movie already.

2.) The Cast

I get it. Some people don't like all of the cast, but here's why they might want to reconsider. The cast is full of both rookies and veterans; however, what makes it more interesting is the fact that most of them are highly sought after (i.e. Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto). Leto specifically is a big deal in my eyes because he not only has an acting career, but in addition a music career. Some of the characters picked could easily be killed of in the movie, that's the nature of the squad, and yet he picks the role that is going to link him into a pretty large contract. He has stated before that he doesn't want to take on many films; that he wants to only do ones that would really interest him because of his other job. So him taking on the role of the Joker is a big deal. These actors are getting offers for other franchises, even other comic book movies (Hardy and Doctor Strange) yet they pick a risky one. This shows confidence

3.) Characters

Deadshot: Played by Smith, Floyd Lawton will be making his film debut, though he has been on Arrow. His character is key to the Suicide Squad because he almost always is the Leader, unless Rick Flagg is around. Getting Will Smith is what makes this character interesting due to the fact that Deadshot has always been white in the comics. This means that they are more worried about getting an actor that can be Lawton over one that looks like him. Smith is known for turning down big roles, and the fact that he took this one is another example of confidence by one of the actors in the movie.

Harkness (Capt. Boomerang): A long time member of the task force, Harkness is known as a Flash villain. This is intriguing because DC is known for using mostly Batman rogues and choosing one from another heroes gallery is WB showing they are ready to move past just Batman and Superman. Jai Courtney will be the boomerang wielder for the team, and though not many know him by name they probably have seen him. He is known for the latest Die Hard and Jack Reacher, in both films he played a believable bad-ass. Though he hasn't been in many major films, he has shown he can act and it will be great seeing him tussle opposite of Smith (Deadshot and Harkness are known for not being... best of friends).

Rick Flagg: Bane is now in the Suicide Squad? No not exactly. Tom Hardy is though, or should I call him Rick Flagg? Flagg has been know to lead the Task Force X in different iterations of the team. There have also been multiple Flaggs. The likely candidate for Hardy is Rick Flagg Jr., since he isn't going to be from World War II like the original is. This character will most likely take a lot of Amanda Waller's jobs in the film, my reasoning is that she hasn't been cast yet. I still think Waller will be in the movie; however, she might be in a more political role than we have seen her before since Hardy is playing a field agent role. It is interesting that Hardy is playing Flagg because he is such a big talent that they might use him in other films, maybe giving Flagg part of Steve Trevor's comic book persona.

Enchantress: Cara Delevingne will be playing the sorceress in the movie. Enchantress is probably the most obscure character in the film. Originally being on the side of the good she got her powers from the magical Dzamor. After her appearance, Enchantress became a villain, but was never in many books. Over time she has jumped from team to team and most recently can be seen in Justice League Dark from DC's New 52. This is not Delevingne's first acting role; however, this will be her first big franchise film. The former model will be in many films in 2015 including Pan. Enchantress is an awesome character to add to this universe because it will introduce a magic villain, and one that is know to deal with the Justice League Dark. Now that Dark Justice's script is done maybe we can see Enchantress tease a few characters in Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn: Now we are getting to iconic territory. Harley Quinn is know from Batman the Animated Series will be making her live action debut in Suicide Squad. Quinn is an Arkham Doctor that goes crazy for the Joker, or her "Puddin", and has since become a one of the most popular female characters DC has in their utility belt. She will be played by none other than Margot Robbie. Robbie's first appearance to the U.S. movie crowd was in The Wolf of Wall Street. She was loved by many critics for her performance in the film, and has since become recognized for her talent. Harley Quinn is definitely a reason for everyone to get stoked.

The Joker: The most famous Batman rogue of all time is the most shocking addition to the movie. This will be the first movie the Clown Prince of Crime is in that isn't a Batman film. He is the most surprising character to be in the film because he has never really been in the squad itself. I actually think he won't be on the team in the movie because of that reason. The least surprising part of this news is that he will be played by Jared Leto. That's not to say I knew it was going to happen, but with all the rumors and his statements about the role it was clear that if the Joker was in the movie, then he would be played by Leto. This casting is amazing because he is a world class actor that goes deep into the roles he takes. Dallas Buyers Club is the example of that. He has been in many great movies, and has won an Oscar. Not to mention he is also a year older than Affleck. Yep, that means Batman and the Joker will be about the same age, unless they have a reason to alter it. Not only will we have a seasoned Batman in this universe, but we will have a Joker that is the maniac from the comics. The Joker who has the death toll to match his insanity. Jaeroar, a fantastic YouTuber, has actually uploaded a video on his channel of Leto laughing and it is delightful because it is his own, yet it is jokerish and that's when he wasn't even trying to play Joker. I loved all the Jokers so far, and I think this version will be another great twisted clown.

Suicide Squad will be the third film in DC planned franchise, and it is risky; however, it is a risk that will pay off in the long run.


What about Suicide Squad excites you?


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