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This article contains massive spoilers for the Season 5 mid-finale of The Walking Dead, so proceed with caution!

The Walking Dead's mid-season finales are always pretty action packed, and they often contain a sad main character death. Unfortunately, Season 5's mid-finale was no different, as we lost Beth Greene - and in a rather upsetting way at that.

During a phone interview with The Daily Beast, actress Emily Kinney (who played Beth on the show) spoke out about portraying the character, her favorite moments and experiences on the show, and other interesting fan questions, which you can check out below!

TDB - When did you first receive the news that Beth would be killed off?

EK - I found out during Season 5, Episode 7, the day the script came out. I mean, I found out a few hours before the script went to everyone.

TDB - What was it like walking onto set on your last day there?

EK - We actually filmed some of the death stuff earlier than some of the episodes with Dawn or at the elevator shaft, so my last couple of days of that particular episode were actually fairly quiet. We had more of that time together as a cast when we were shooting the death scene and everything. That scene was really long, because it was a lot of people so there’s a lot of coverage. Yeah, it was really sad.

TDB - What have been some of your favorite memories on the show, either on camera or off?

EK - I think of one of the most exciting days was in Season 2, where I had really only just started working with the cast and almost the whole cast was on set. It was when Sophia comes out of the barn. That day was really long and really hot and there were cranes and big huge movie shots. I had worked on a lot of TV and done a lot of guest star [roles] and stuff like that, but the energy that all the actors brought, like Andy [Andrew Lincoln] and Norman [Reedus]—I remember Andy pumping everybody up like, “Yeah! We’re The Walking Dead!” Because it had been such a long day, we were all out in the heat, getting so much coverage and all of this. I remember just thinking like, “This is really gonna be special. This is gonna be really cool.” That sticks out for me.

TDB - What do Beth’s last words, “I get it now,” mean to you? Do you think Beth knew what would happen if she stabbed Dawn with those scissors?

EK - I think that Beth was saying, “I get it now,” like you don’t really know… You know, Dawn’s whole thing is that sometimes you have to do bad things in order to survive. Like, “I’m doing a good thing by doing these controlling things because I’m actually protecting everyone.” I think there’s something about Beth where she’s saying, “I get it now. Sometimes you don’t realize how horrible a person you can be until you get pushed to the limit. You don’t even realize that you’re capable of killing someone and being such a horrible human being in a certain way, just in order to survive.” I think that’s part of Beth’s “I get it now.” There is that moment earlier in the episode where she pushes the other officer and I think that does make her feel really bad and start to question the kind of person that she is and what her morals are and who she’s looking out for.

TDB - Right, so on a level she understands Dawn.

EK - Understands Dawn, yeah. They kind of have an interesting relationship where they don’t like each other and are out to get each other, but they somehow understand each other and respect each other. I think that’s part of what Beth is saying, like, “I get it now.”

TDB - Were you watching the reaction to the scene on social media?

EK - Um, I was getting ready for Talking Dead so I would try to check in, but I also was like a little bit…scared? [Laughs] So I kind of put it off. I looked at Norman’s, because I knew he was live-tweeting and I wanted to see what he said. But I limited it; one, because I was getting dressed and ready for Talking Dead and the other reason just being because there was so much of a reaction that I don’t even know where to start trying to read or favorite anything, you know? I knew people would be sad, I didn’t see too many things that were like, “Yes! Beth, I hated her! I’m so glad she’s gone!” [Laughs] But then again the only people I look at are tweeting right at me because they follow me, so they probably like Beth or they wouldn’t follow me. But it’s been cool, and I try to read some stuff. I’ll probably look at more today. I really love the fans of Walking Dead, I think they’re unlike any other show. It’s one of my favorite things from being on the show, being introduced to a fan base like this. It really inspires you to keep making things because you realize that what you make really can rally people together or make a difference. It’s exciting.

TDB - It was pretty sad though to watch Daryl carry Beth out of the hospital. It paralleled a much happier time when he carried her around after she twisted her ankle, back in Season 4.

EK - Yeah. Obviously, I’m sad that it ended for her, but I do really think it’s a great show with great writing, and obviously really effective if people are having that reaction. That scene was probably really beautiful in a certain way. And to have Maggie there, too.

So there you have it folks! Were you upset over the death of Beth Greene, or can you accept that it's just part of the show? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!


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