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First, a quick note: I'm writing this article simply to share with readers what I think of Moviepilot. Though it's not my job to explain what Moviepilot is, I thought "Eh. Why not?" I'm not just writing about Moviepilot's purpose or agenda however, but also what it is to me. I should also stress that I am not getting paid at all for this and no one at Moviepilot has asked me to do this. These are simply my views and mine alone. So read on if you want to hear about my thoughts on one of the greatest websites in history! Click away if you'd rather go watch funny cat videos on YouTube.

They are pretty cute after all.
They are pretty cute after all.

Still here? Good. Now, before I tell you what Moviepilot means to me, let me tell you a little about MP. Moviepilot is an entertainment website that focuses mainly on news and editorial for movies, television and other pop culture outlets, though that's not all! You'll see tons of article that focus on just about anything pop culture related. From fan-castings to wild speculations, MP has it all. Even though most of MP's content is on the website (the one you're currently reading this on), you'll find tons of awesome posts across their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter etc. Even a YouTube channel that USED to feature a pretty funny show called 'Will's War.'

Seriously guys, WHERE IS WILL?!
Seriously guys, WHERE IS WILL?!

Moviepilot's purpose is to bring fans like me and you awesome pop culture related news. Like this amazing article by Danica Lynne Abeln on the Jurassic World Teaser Trailer! Or this awesome article by Catrina Dennis on Benedict Cumberbatch's casting in the upcoming Doctor Strange film!

Sorry, I misspelled his name. I meant to say "Beneficial Healthysnack".

Anyway, on to how I feel about Moviepilot. As you can tell by me calling it "one of the greatest websites in history", I LOVE IT! But, why do I love Moviepilot, you ask? Well, there a few reasons:

1. Its Easy Design!

Just thought I'd get this one out of the way. Moviepilot has an amazing web design! Not only is it "purty" lookin', it's super easily accessible. You do not have to worry about getting lost on the website. Well, you may actually get lost in how amazing it looks! And as if the website wasn't already a fine thing to look at, they went ahead and amped it up! Giving us this attractive beauty of a front page:

The handsome fedora gent is not included, sorry.
The handsome fedora gent is not included, sorry.

The entire website is great and easy to navigate! It really is worth navigating. There's a page for just about every movie genre! Want to read an article on superheroes? Just click on the menu and head on over to the Superhero page, of course!

Or how about something more scary? Something that'll give you chills?! Well then head on over to the Horror page and read articles about the things that go bump in the night!

There's a page for just about any kind of movie you're in the mood for. And on those pages are tons of entertaining articles for you to read. I prefer hanging out on the Superheroes page. With all the awesome superhero news nowadays, that page is never not busy.

It's also pretty easy to navigate as a writer as well. Just click on your picture to check your profile, look at any notifications you might have gotten, change settings and more. Then click "post" to look at your articles, check out your drafts or create a new post!

2. Its awesome posting options!

Speaking of posts, you're going to have a lot of fun doing that on MP! There's four different posting options on Moviepilot, and they're all super fun and easy to use.

Unlike most items in bad infomercials...
Unlike most items in bad infomercials...

First there's the regular "Post" option. This is the one you'll see the most and it's used for all kinds of posts. News, editorials, theories and fan-art showcases are among the many different article types that you'll see using this format. This post that you are currently reading right now (and no doubt loving) uses the regular post option.

Then there's the "Review" option. The review option is...well it's pretty self-explanatory. It's used to write reviews on movies and T.V. shows. I love this one so much. The layout design of the page is awesome:

Unfortunately, it's not the most popular of article types on the website. With so many different opinions and views, and so many different people reviewing the same film, it's incredibly hard to get someone to choose YOUR review over others. A snappy title and a nice pic will help, but it doesn't assure that yours will get picked every time. Still, if you've recently seen a movie and have some thoughts on it that you'd like to share with the world, the review option is the one for you! You might not get a lot of views on every review you write, but keep writing and you'll be proud you at least got your opinions out there!

Next is the "Longform" option. The longform option is mainly used for posts longer than a 1,000 words. You know, things like speculation and rants. In all honesty, I should probably be using the longform option for this... but like the review option, it's still a little new, and people haven't gotten entirely comfortable with it yet.

You don't necessarily have to use this option, but it's still got a nice layout if you plan on using a lot of photos and going on a really long rant about something.

Finally, there's the "Quiz" option. Ever done one of those quizzes you see your friends share on Facebook? You know, the ones that are like "Which Disney Character Are You?" or "Would You Survive The Hunger Games?" (my answers are "Aladdin" and "would call in sick until I turn nineteen")

Well now, you can make your own quiz and share it with millions!

Want to do a quiz on which Harry Potter character you are? Go ahead! Want to do one on whether you'd be a Superhero or a Supervillain? Sure thing! Want to do one on which beanie baby best defines your inner soul?...Uh...okay, yeah you can do that.

3. Its Creator dynamic!

So, you've probably been on a website reading an article and thought "Man, I could totally write stuff like that! Wonder if they're hiring..." Well for most writing websites, even if they are hiring they're going to be looking at the people who have a lot of writing material on their portfolio. This makes getting the job even harder because even if you are an exceptional writer, if you don't have enough job experience and credibility... you're just not getting the job and that's that.

But with MP, you don't have to worry about how much you have on your portfolio. In fact, you don't have to worry about if they're hiring at all! Moviepilot is known for its awesome Contributor, now Creator dynamic. "Creators" are regular people, just like you and me, hoping that someone will give them a writing job somewhere. Well, MP has you covered. You can sign up RIGHT NOW to be a Creator, for free. There's no applications and no wait-times either. Just sign up and start writing. Simple! Even though there are people who actually work at in an office somewhere, much more than half of the content you'll read on here are by fans who have signed up to support the site and their own writing style. Isn't that awesome?!

Psy's pretty pumped up about it!
Psy's pretty pumped up about it!

Though you don't get paid for what you write, MP gives you what other websites usually won't - a chance. A chance to build your portfolio, so that when the paying job does come around, you'll have a better chance at getting it. Who knows? You may even get one at Moviepilot itself.

To me, Moviepilot is an amazing website that has given me more than a chance to hone my own writing skills. With free and easy tools, I've been able to read some awesome articles and even make a few awesome ones of my own. I've still got a long way to go, but it's nice to know that there's a site out there full of such amazing tools and even cooler people that can help me do what I love to do!

So what are you waiting for? Go here to join Moviepilot's rapidly growing and equally amazing band of Creators!

Also, I encourage all Creators to do this and show love for MP!


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