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The squad has finally been cast and its a lot of familiar names and some curve balls as well. We all knew it was a matter of time before the announcement came forth and it did. The movie is slated for a 2016 release date so production was going to start any minute now. Lets cut the chit chat and get to the good stuff and see who's playing who in this movie that's just going to be a good time no doubt about that.



This by far has got to be the casting choice that everyone was waiting for since we first heard the character would make an appearance. I mean who doesn't love The Joker Psychopathic clown prince of crime. The choices were out there and all were pretty good and i myself never saw it coming but we do have our Joker and that is.....

Jared Leto the front man to the band 30 Seconds To Mars i myself find this an odd choice i do believe Leto is a phenomenal actor and musician but to helm the role of the Joker? I don't know maybe the studio has seen something we haven't seen yet so i will not go out and say he will be terrible we will just have to wait and see what he brings to the table. Lets move on to the next member a member we've all know for a while now.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

We couldn't have the Joker without Harley now could we? This was the one that got fans pumped that we would be seeing Harley Quinn on the big screen for the first time and along side Mr J well that just sounds like heaven! The question on everyone's mind though was who could play such a role and that was immediately answered with one actress.....

Wolf Of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie was the choice of the studios and one that sounded quite well with fans around. I mean she clearly looks like Quinn from Arkham Asylum so it be a no brainer to cast her as such in Suicide Squad . The question now though is just how psychotic can she get for this role and will her chemistry with Leto match that of The Joker and Harley in the cartoons and comics. The next choice is another that has people pretty much divided all around and that is.....



The incredible strikes man Deadshot getting a real life adaptation had the fan boys squealing but also worried. I mean Deadshot is a total B.A somebody is gonna have to step it up to be able to give this character life as how he truly is. There is one man who has been given the honor to play such a character and that is.....

The Fresh Prince himself was announced to be playing Deadshot and the buzz it created was as big as Leto being cast to play The Joker. I mean for a while we thought it be Hardy and then just a week ago it was figured it be Jai Courtney. I mean Will Smith had always been rumored to be Captain Boomerang or Black Mantra. I guess this is why this casting choice was probably the most shocking and i hope Will Smith will prove the haters wrong and give us a real interpretation of Deadshot. These three will most likely be the ones to carry the film but lets continue with the rest of the squad


I'm not too familiar with Enchantress so i wont go into much detail with her but apparently her casting choice doesn't have too many people happy as well.

Super model Cara Delevingne has been cast to be playing Enchantress though i haven't seen much of her acting maybe the studio saw something they could work with. I'm not sure i guess we will just have to wait to see more i mean remember what happened last time when they cast a model in a movie (Transformers....) Its time for the final Squad member and one i'm pretty excited to see

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang a favorite of mine from the animated series is coming to the big screen. I'm excited to see where Boomerang will go after Suicide Squad as well as for all of you not familiar he is a Flash villain. I wonder if he will be in that Flash movie that's coming up later down the road. This casting choice i thought was pretty spot on with them casting

The actor from Divergent i think is a magnificent addition to the Suicide Squad as Captain Boomerang and not just cause they are both from Australia. I believe Jai is a pretty good actor from what I've seen with a lot of potential to really make a memorable character. Okay so we got the squad together but who actually recruits them all?

Rick Flagg

Yes we're going to see the very first of many characters on the big screen including this one Rick Flagg. He pretty much is the reason the Suicide Squad exists and cooperate with one another. A man to bring all these sociopaths and villains has got to be pretty intimidating himself so who better than to play him

That's right Bane is back in a DC movie! Well its actually Tom Hardy and I'm pretty excited to hear the news I love Tom Hardy as an actor in anything. I mean hes already proven to be a force not to be messed with in TDKR when he played Bane. The idea of having him as Flagg to try and maintain order in the squad seems more than perfect even though i still think he should be Deadshot. The case though is we have our cast now if we could only get pictures that would be great i guess this means comic con next year is a must!


Who's Your Favorite Casting Choice?


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