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Straight off the back of the amazing news yesterday that Disney is holding an open casting call to find the voice of their next princess, Moana, there is possibly even more reason to celebrate, with the rumor that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be involved.

TheWrap is reporting from "an individual with knowledge of the project" that Dwayne Johnson is in talks to voice the character of Maui, a Pacific demi-god who will be Moana's aid in the film.

Disney has yet to confirm the news, but if the rumors are true, it would be Johnson's first voice-over role since Planet 51 back in 2009, and a stark difference to his latest role in films such as G.I. Joe and the Fast and Furious franchise.

Despite the differences to his current roles, Maui might be perfect for Johnson, especially as the film will be a musical and the 42-year-old has already stretched those muscles in [Journey 2: The Mysterious Island](movie:45142). Aside from his voice, The Rock could be suited to the role because of his Samoan heritage and his time spent in New Zealand as a child, both countries being in the Pacific, where Moana will be based.

Who (or what) is Maui?

Maui is a demi-god and prominent figure in Pacific island mythology. He appears in myths and legends in countries such as New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga, Mangareva, and Samoa (where he is called Ti'iti'i), and the state of Hawaii.

Maui is the main figure in many myths and legends, and is often characterized by his cunning and trickery. Some of the most famous Maui myths include how he helped slow the sun so people could have longer days, or how he fished up land masses (the Hawaiian islands, the North Island of New Zealand or different coral islands, depending on what country the story is told in)

The fact that Disney has chosen to feature Maui in Moana really shows a dedication to making sure the film will be culturally accurate to real pacific island cultures.

Moana won't be in theaters November 23rd, 2016 but until then we can no doubt expect lots of news, pictures, teasers and trailers to tide us over!


Do you think The Rock would be a good fit for Maui?

Source: Comicbook, The Wrap

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