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With zombie skin being routinely rendered from undead bones, it's hard to think there's much in The Walking Dead that irks the always present television censors.

However, despite a season which has shown some of the most graphic scenes yet, apparently The Walking Dead still can't get away with everything.

In a recent interview with Vulture, The Walking Dead's showrunner, Scott Gimple was asked if there were any scenes in the show which were too gruesome to show. In turns out there was one, although we may have gotten a taste of it. Gimple explained:

There was a walker being sort of cheese-grated through a fence. Portions of that did not make the cut. [Laughs.] In general, I think we’ve found the sweet spot between totally awful and abhorrent but acceptable.

One can only assume that Gimple is referring to a scene which did partially make it into Season 4 of the show. At the prison perimeter fence, there was one zombie who was so eager to get in at the tasty humans, literally nothing - even shredding his own face - could stop him. Check out the GIF below:

If this was the moment in question, it make you wonder how much further this scene went. Did the remainder of his face also pass through the fence?

It also makes you wonder on what basis the censors operate. To be honest, I think there are moments in Season 5 which are much more brutal and gruesome than this. What about that baseball bat Terminus scene from The Walking Dead Season 5 opener? I think there's still nothing which has quite topped that in terms of pure horror and gore.

What is your most gruesome The Walking Dead moment?


Are the censors right to ban some gruesome Walking Dead moments?


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