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Back in 2003, Jack Black burst onto our screens and gave us one of the best comedy rock movies ever, School of Rock.

The movie told the epic story of out of work rock musician, Dewey Finn, who bluffed his way into a substitute teaching job, and proceeded to make the rock band School of Rock with his awesome and skilled young students, fronted by lead guitarist, Zach.

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Zach, the talented guitarist, was played by Joey Gaydos Jr. In the film he was the timid boy who needed a little encouragement from Dewey to fully feel the passion of rock and fully become his alter-ego: Zach Attack.

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Even though we know School of Rock didn't win the battle of the bands, they did get an awesome encore thanks to Zach's Song, but did we ever know what happened to Joey Gaydos Jr.?

Check it out!

Even though it's been 14 years since School of Rock was released, he still looks like the young rock protégé he was back in 2003!

School of Rock was actually Joey Gaydos Jr.'s only acting credit, but even though he wasn't bitten by the acting bug, it looks like School of Rock maintained a huge influence on his life.

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Having played guitar since he was three years old, in 2005 he formed the Joey Gaydos Group, and released a debut album in July 2006 (you can buy it over here). Unfortunately, in 2009 his career hit a small bump when he was arrested for a DUI while underage, though he hasn't let that hold him back!

These days Gaydos Jr. has quietened down and is living in Detroit, where he was a guitarist for a band called Badd Raquette, and is now lead guitarist for the pop-rock band Stereo Jane. Listening to them, it's pretty obvious his guitar skills in School of Rock were all legitimate:

Despite it being 14 years since the movie came out, Gaydos Jr. is only 25 years-old, and he and the band Stereo Jane are definitely names to look out for in the future. The band has just signed with a major label, and have plans to released their debut album soon.

The cast of School of Rock obviously still hold their time working on the film dear to their hearts, and the whole cast actually reunited in 2013 for the film's 10 year anniversary. Take a look at the cast all grown up:


Who was your favorite School of Rock band mate?

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