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I know the internet is a place of great hyperbole, but this artwork just genuinely made my mind explode into thousands of mystified shards.

The unfathomably talented French artist, Bernard Pras, creates some of the most visually confusing and logically challenging art works I have ever seen by using tricks of perspective.

When viewed from the designated angle, Pras' creations look like an impressive collage of junk:

But when you step away and realize what this effect is actually creating, the true mastery is revealed.


Along with using motifs from popular artworks to display his skills, Pras is also inspired by pop culture icons, so let's have a peek at some of his movie based creations.


It's clear from the angles that Jiminy Cricket is the only object that is just standing on the floor like an average Joe here...

And when you see it from the side, your jaw will drop!



Until you see that radiator in the corner and the table in the foreground, this could just be a black and white painting.

I want to scream like Marion when I try to think about how this is all put together.


Snow White

My brain looks like this skirt right now. I think it may have turned to soup. Soz.


King Kong

This dude's house must look like something from an episode of Hoarders...


The Shining

Who would have thought a pumpkin and a family of pigs could be so threatening...


Cat Woman

Creating Cat Woman on this printed paper really helps make her mind-bending construction pop.


Am I a bit overexcited, or is this art work genuinely mind blowing?

(Source: Bernard Pras and Visual News)

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