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Now, when it comes to the new Star Wars trailer, it seems like there isn't too much that we haven't - with the combined watchfulness of the internet - already spotted. After all, we've pored over the thing for almost a week now...

As it turns out, though, there are still some pretty awesome details waiting to be unearthed within it - they're just hiding in some pretty unusual places.

Like the 1970s, for example.

Yup, that's right - take a close enough look at the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and you can actually see the 1970s. Or, at least, you can see a whole lot of designs that go all the way back to before the release of the original Star Wars in 1977 - courtesy of the creative genius (and designing force behind the original trilogy) Ralph McQuarrie.

And, as it turns out...

McQuarrie Totally Invented that Droid

Or, rather, his original concept for R2-D2 was a whole lot more like that new droid than Artoo ended up looking. As McQuarrie put it:

“I think Artoo was just described as a small robot. I thought of him as running on a giant ball bearing — just a sphere, a circle, wheel-like. He had gyros so he could go in any direction on this ball.”

And...cue new droid...

There's more to it than just droids, though.

McQuarrie Designed Daisy Ridley's Character

Just to clarify, the images on the left are all from way back in the days of the original trilogy - and yet, that helmet has totally played a part in the design of Daisy Ridley's character (rumored to be called Kira)...

The intriguing part? That design above is for Luke Skywalker - designed during a period when George Lucas considered making his hero female, since he had no other female characters in the movie at that point.

Which didn't work out, but it seems we may have ended up with something similar in the form of Ridley's 'Kira.'

McQuarrie Designed the New X-Wing

Notice how the engines on both that concept art, and the still from the new trailer are both distinctly cut in half, as though two parts of one solid engine?

Well, that concept art goes all the way back to the original trilogy - despite the X-Wings in Star Wars ending up looking like this...

With, crucially, two separate engines on each side.

My favorite, though?

McQuarrie Totally Sets a Hutt Cameo in Episode VII

Y'know that gate we saw in leaked set pictures a few months back? The one above, on the right? Well, that was designed (pretty much exactly) by McQuarrie, decades earlier.

And is very much in the trailer...

The intriguing part of that? The gate was originally set to be part of the exterior of Jabba's palace.

Now, what we can see in the trailer doesn't look all that much like being Jabba's palace - and Jabba himself is long dead - but it seems to me that a certain gate might just be teasing the reappearance of some sort of criminal Hutt...

The main thing I take from all of that concept art, though?

Ralph McQuarrie was Freakin' Awesome

And, though he sadly died back in 2012, his legacy is clearly set to endure in the new Star Wars sequels.

It's also, though, incredibly reassuring that J.J. Abrams and co. have decided to hark back - very directly - to the aesthetic of the original trilogy. After all, McQuarrie was a big part of making Star Wars so fundamentally awesome back in the 70s and 80s, and it's great to say that he still will be over the next few years - even if he sadly won't be around to see it...

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the Ralph McQuarrie-inspired elements of the Star Wars trailer?

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