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Last week, it seems Samuel L Jackson apparently got bored of a Quentin Tarantino led The Hateful Eight pre-production meeting and decided to tweet some selfies instead.

What resulted was the first images from inside the production of the upcoming Tarantino flick. Included in the picture are several Tarantino alumni, but also some new faces.

Take a look below to meet The Hateful Eight.

So Who's Who in The Hateful Eight?

  • 1. Samuel L. Jackson
  • 2. Bruce Dern
  • 3. Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • 4. Quentin Tarantino
  • 5. Kurt Russell
  • 6. Walton Goggins
  • 7. Michael Madsen
  • 8. Tim Roth
  • 9. Demian Bichir

For a more detailed breakdown, and to find out who'll they'll be playing, read on below.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Of course, in the bottom left of the image, taking the selfie is long-time Tarantino collaborator, Samuel L. Jackson. This will be Jackson's seventh Tarantino film, following roles in True Romance (written by Tarantino), Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Inglourious Basterds (as the uncredited narrator) and Django Unchained.

In The Hateful Eight, he is down to play civil war union soldier turned bounty hunter, Major Marquis Warren.

2. Bruce Dern

To the left of the table in the red hat is Bruce Dern - the double Oscar nominee who most recently grabbed audiences attention in Nebraska.

Bruce Dern will be using his veteran status to portray the confederate general, General Sanford Smithers, in The Hateful Eight. This is his second Tarantino film, after appearing as Old Man Carrucan in Django Unchained.

3. Jennifer Jason Leigh

To the right of Dern is The Hateful Eight's sole female star, Jennifer Jason Leigh. You may recognise her mostly from the TV series Weeds, although she has also had recent roles in The Spectacular Now and Kill Your Darlings.

In The Hateful Eight, Leigh will play Daisy Domergue, a fugitive who has been captured by Kurt Russell's bounty hunter character.

4. Quentin Tarantino

Next is of course the big man himself, Mr Quentin Tarantino. The Hateful Eight will be Tarantino's 8th major big screen motion picture (discounting shared directorial credits), and his first since 2012's Django Unchained.

Tarantino himself has appeared five of his own movies - from cameos to actual supporting roles, but it's currently unclear if he'll also grab a small piece of the acting action in The Hateful Eight.

5. Kurt Russell

If we follow the top of the picture across, we arrive at action legend, Kurt Russell. This will be the Escape From New York and The Thing's star's third Tarantino film - having appeared as Stuntman Mike in Death Proof and the Death Proof section of Grindhouse.

He will play John 'The Hangman' Ruth - a notorious bounty hunter who captures Jennifer Jason Leigh's Daisy Domergue.

6. Walton Goggins

Next to Russell is Walton Goggins, who has most recently been getting a taste of the Old West in FX's modern-Western cop hybrid, Justified. He has also previously worked with Tarantino in Django Unchained, in which he played Billy Crash.

In The Hateful Eight he will play Chris Mannix, a southern renegade who claims to the town's new sheriff.

7. Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen is also due to return to the Tarantino gang as Joe Gage - the cow-puncher - in The Hateful Eight.

Previous to this latest film, Madsen has worked with Tarantino on three projects: Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2.

8. Tim Roth

Roth is another Reservoir Dogs star who is due to make a return in Tarantino's latest project. As well appearing Mr Orange in Tarantino's first major movie, he also played the over-zealous diner robber in Pulp Fiction.

In The Hateful Eight, Roth will play Oswaldo Mobray - a relatively unknown character who is holed up in a stagecoach stopover.

9. Demian Bichir

Another alumni of Weeds, Demian Bichir is perhaps the least known face of The Hateful Eight gang. However, he's been around for a long time and was even nominated for an Oscar for his lead role in 2011's A Better Life.

Other than this, you may also recognize him as Fidel Castro in Che: Part 1 and 2, while he has been extremely prolific in Mexican cinema. He has yet to appear in a Tarantino movie, but he did grab a role in Robert Rodriguez' Machete Kills.

In The Hateful Eight, Bichir is down to play Bob, the caretaker of Minnie’s Haberdashery stagestage stopover while the owner is away.

Not included in the above image, but known to have a role is Channing Tatum. It's currently unclear what kind of part he'll play, but I think we can assume from his absence here it will be more of a supporting role.

Back in January, Tarantino originally scrapped plans for The Hateful Eight when an early version of the script was leaked online. Later he was persuaded to return to the project, and given these images, it looks like it's coming along nicely. According to distributor the Weinstein Company, The Hateful Eight will the widest 70mm film release in more than 20 years.

Given Tarantino confessed love for Western classics, such Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch, I'm expecting big things then The Hateful Eight arrives in theaters sometime in 2015.


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Source: TheGuardian


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