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Ah kids, adorable mini-humans with no inhibitions and an as-yet untainted view of the world. But, despite their innocent eyes, I'm not convinced that all children are quite as pure as they seem.

Check out these creepy kids drawing as evidence and tell me what you think at the end!

Graham is planning the zombie apocalypse

Firstly, with a name like Graham are we sure he's not already 100-years-old? Secondly, Graham sounds like a 'never say die' type of guy.

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss, R.I.P Cat in the Hat

That cat is grinning at the top of the stairs, but in about 3 seconds time he'll be in a world of pain.

Crazy big tower of death and the Lava Guy

From the outside, it looks like on the lower floors of this building a maniac man will kill you whether you want to die or not, and on the upper floors you can jump to your death into a pit of lava where the Lava Guy awaits you.

It also looks like a guy on the roof has just shoved a bunch of people to their deaths, no word on whether or not it was voluntary.

At least they're happy with their lot in life

It must have been a rough childhood for this kid with the long hair but bald top. Not to mention the scary uneven pupils.

Just a girl out for a horse ride

Just a girl out for a horse ride...In a world where horses are monstrous three legged beasts.

Cold blooded Leprechaun killer

Even though the text says that the writer would kill a leprechaun, which implies he would do it solo, he's clearly wrangled an accomplice to help him in capturing a Leprechaun in a net while he stabs him.

Man blissfully unaware that beloved pet is slowly dismembering him

This one has headline written all over it: Man faints at home, beloved family pet eats his face off.


Kids: secret demons?

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