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While watching our favorite horror movies we're often too busy shouting, "No, don't go in there you crazy suicidal fool!" to notice the glaringly obvious goofs that pepper to the film.

However, in the interest of absolute transparency - as well giving you fun trivia to irritate your pals (and spoil the tension) with next time you sit down and watch a horror movie - here are some major bloopers and goofs in some of the biggest horror movies. Credit to moviemistakes for uncovering all of these cinematic gaffes.

1. Resident Evil (2002)

Early in the film, Mila Jovovich finds a note on her desk stating "Today, all your dreams come true". She didn't write the note, but when we see who did, their handwriting has completely changed.

2. The Shining (1980)

It seems Jack and his family were being stalked by a shadowy figure before they even arrived at the Overlook. Unfortunately, it was just the shadow from the filming helicopter. This goof is only noticeable in the full screen DVD version of the film.

3. The X-Files (1998)

Towards the end of the movie, Mulder is supposed to be reading a newspaper. However, we can see that actually its internal pages are blank. Maybe that's why he looks so confused.

4. Alien (1979)

Facehuggers are tricky little fiends. They can even apparently remove astronaut's hoods before permanently cramping themselves onto their victims face.

5. World War Z (2013)

Either this ambulance driver was tipped off about the zombie apocalypse, or he's actually a stuntman wearing a crash helmet.

6. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

In Dawn of the Dead, we were led to believe Roger slamming into a zombie with a truck is what sent him flying. In reality, the stunt was made by having the zombie actually flung itself off of a trampoline.

7. Aliens (1986)

When a bi-sected Bishop is hanging onto a grate and attempting to save Newt, we can clearly see actor Lance Henriksen standing in a hole cut into the floor.

8. Gremlins (1984)

When a character in Gremlins is attacked from a Christmas tree, we're led to believe the titular beastie has caused it to fall on top of her. However, you can just make out the member of production staff who actually pushed the tree over.

9. 28 Days Later (2002)

When Jim is exploring an abandoned London, we can see him wandering around Parliament Bridge with Big Ben in the background. In one shot the time reads 8:10, but in the very next shot it's suddenly 25 minutes later. Perhaps time works different in the zombie apocalypse?

If you want to see nine more major horror goofs head over to here. While you can also visit for a veritable treasures trove of bloopers, gaffes and all-round cinematic screw-ups.


Which was the worst offending horror blooper?

Source: moviemistakes


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