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The best time to play your ever so scary horror games has to be at night, in the dark and on your own, surely? The answer is apparently not. Gamers beware, there's a time and a place. Take heed...

Are you keeping your better half up at night? They could be silently planning your demise or even worse your consoles demise! The video below is the latest video from the folks at Good Game which focuses on the horrific effects that Alien: Isolation has on one married couple.

Although the above video is hilarious this is becoming a real problem - Melissa writes:

"My boyfriend is leading a double life.
During daylight hours he holds down a respectable office job and makes complicated decisions. By night, he is a hardened soldier who spends his time planting bombs and capturing flags.
When he's not doing that, he works as a scientist in the dangerous trouble spot known as City 17.
But this is no international man of mystery. Instead, he's an online hero who gets his kicks on virtual battlefields.
Yes, my man is addicted to Halo and Half-Life. And I am a games widow."

Gamers just remember, the secret to enjoying anything in life is 'moderation'. Give time to the ones we love as well as the things we love.


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